What is Evil Eye and its Meaning?

The name evil eye may sound ominous to some. However, the actual meaning and symbolism behind the evil eye is the opposite of what its name suggests. Evil eye symbols are popularly believed to serve as a form of protection against evil and bad luck.  

Since evil eye charms are commonly thought to bring protection and even good luck to the wearer, they have been a popular jewellery choice since a long time ago.  

Origin of Evil Eye 

It is believed that the origins of the evil eye can be traced back to thousands of years ago, in different cultures. In order to understand the origins of the evil eye, we need to first understand the distinction between the symbol/amulet and the evil eye curse itself. Though often dubbed as ‘the evil eye’, the eye symbol is the amulet meant to ward off the true evil eye curse: a curse transmitted through a malicious glare that can cause harm or misfortune. This superstitious belief is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia regions.   

Types of Evil Eye  

Jewellery Types 

From bracelets to necklaces to rings and more, there are many types of evil eyes jewellery available in countless different designs. It is believed that wearing the evil eye will protect and bring good luck to the wearer.  


Evil eye most commonly come in two shapes – the round shape and the elliptical shape with two pointed ends (just imagine an eye, or leaf). However, there are many variations of the evil eye, with some having extended eyelashes as design, or some being paired or embedded in a Hamsa symbol (a hand that represents protection in some cultures). 


Evil eye designs come in many different colours as well, although blue is the most common. Some people believe that the different colours of evil eye represent or bring about different benefits, on top of general protection. For example, blue evil eyes promote peace and calmness, green evil eyes promote good health, red represents courage, and white represents purity.  

Our Final Thoughts 

Whether you are a believer of the evil eye protection capabilities or not, it is still without a doubt that it can be a gorgeous fashion accessory that can be worn by anybody. To view more evil eye jewellery, visit our website here