How to choose the perfect Ring Size?

What is your ring size? Buying rings online can be difficult if you don’t know your ring sizes – frustrating and possibly expensive. Everyone is different, whether it's the size of their fingers or the size of their body. There's no easy way to predict what your ring size might be based on your clothing size or anything else. When you are buying a ring that you will be wearing every day, it is especially important to make sure that the size you select works for you, otherwise you may lose or damage the piece and not be able to wear it comfortably. 

The first step to shopping for rings is to ensure that the ring fits you before it's too late to change it. Measuring your ring size may seem like a daunting task at first. However, once you get used to it, it becomes quite simple. 



Most adults wear rings ranging in sizes from US ring size 4 to 14. Ladies ring sizes typically fall between US ring sizes 4 and 10; men’s rings typically fall between US ring sizes 7 and 14. This is true for Singaporeans as well. 

Common sizes: 

Common sizes for women are: Approximately 5-5.5cm. 

Common sizes for men are: Approximately 5.8cm-6.1cm. 

*Calculate by Circumference of finger (mm) 



Option one: Use string or floss to measure your finger 

To measure the size of your finger, wrap a piece of string or floss around the base of your finger and mark where it overlaps with a pen. This will be the circumference (mm) of your finger, stretch out the string along a ruler to see how long it is.  

Option two: Place a ring you already own on a ring size chart 

The best way to find the right size is to take an existing ring that fits you well and use a ruler to measure the inside diameter. Take the measurement in millimetres and use the chart below to find your ring size. 

Option three: Buy a ring sizer 

Arthesdam Jewellery Ring Chart



Finger size is most stable after lunch and before dinner.  

When measuring your fingers, keep in mind that they are not all exactly the same size through the day and week. Depending on many factors such as hormones, weather, medication, hydration, and more, your fingers will tend to be larger in the evenings. When your hands are cold, the finger will measure smaller, usually in the morning. 



  • If you have large knuckle, you need to consider that you’ll need the ring to slide over the knuckle. It shouldn’t be too loose that it will slip off or move around easily but is not so tight as to restrict blood flow. You should record both measurements and choose a ring size that’s in-between the two. 
  • Measure the finger you’re intending to wear the ring on. Left-hand and right-hand fingers can differ in size, dominant hand tends to be slightly larger. For example, your ring finger on your right hand may be a 6.5, while the ring finger on your left may be a size 6.  
  • Make sure you measure your finger 3 to 4 times to prevent inaccuracies. 
  • Rings with wider bands (more than 6mm) tend to be more fitting. Do consider getting a quarter or half size larger with a wide band. 
  • Stacking rings also need to be within half a size of each other to stack well. 






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