Jewellery Care 101

Gold jewellery is one of the best quality jewellery you can get, with gold being naturally shiny and anti-rust/tarnish etc. However, that is not to say that it does not require any care. A little loving care goes a long way.

Handling Jewellery

Pure gold by itself is a soft material. This means that higher purity gold, such as 999 gold or even 916 gold, can be susceptible to dents and scratches. This can be avoided if you do not knock or scratch your jewellery directly against a hard surface (for example a table edge or a gravel pavement).

Storing Jewellery

Storage of jewellery is one of the most important processes of taking care of your jewellery. It has always been recommended to store your jewellery in a cool and dry place. This is especially more so for non-gold jewellery such as silver as they can tarnish. Apart from avoiding tarnish and dullness, storing in cool dry places helps jewellery (especially those that include other materials such as glue, gemstones, and enamel) to last longer.

Separating Jewellery

Storing jewellery separately is a more direct step of jewellery care, as it helps to prevent jewellery from tangling with each other or scratching one another. This step is more crucial for jewellery with diamonds as it should be noted that diamonds are one of the hardest materials and thus can scratch most metals and other stones.

Washing Jewellery

Wearing jewellery regularly will inevitably build up grime and dirt, no matter how much you try to avoid it. This is lesser of a problem if you give your jewellery a wash occasionally. Washing can be done with simply water and soap. An additional step of care would be to send it for professional cleaning, which most reputable jewellery retail stores should offer. Professional cleaning usually makes use of machine such as ultrasonic machines. Ultrasonic machines clean by using high-frequency waves, which create bubbles that cling to particles and agitate the liquid, producing forces that will pull the dirt and contaminants from the jewellery.

Our Jewellery Care Services

Most jewellery care tips advised above can be done on your own, in the comfort of your homes. Now what happens if you require additional jewellery services that you cannot do on your own? This is where retailers jewellery care workshops come in. Apart from professional washing, a jewellery care centre usually includes services like repairing and polishing. Arthesdam Jewellery has a full suite of services done by our in-house craftsman, with an average lead time of just one day! From jewellery size alterations to repairing, plating, polishing, engraving and more. Click here to see more. For more information, you can send us a message on our Facebook page, drop us an email to or visit our retail stores.

Our jewellery care services include:

Engraving & Personalization, Jewellery Size Alteration, Welding/Repairing, Gold Plating and Polishing.

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