Trending Now - 999 Gold Collectibles

What's trending now? If you haven't noticed, 999 collectibles are making a comeback in terms of popularity in recent months. Below are the top 3 trending products that everybody is rushing to get right now.  


999 Gold Prosperity Mini Ingot 

These tiny little ingots are the most adorable. Made from pure 999 gold, these solid ingots are a great way to save up some gold as an alternative form of investment, while also looking great as a little display ornament. The most common way to store these ingots is to keep them in a mini clear glass bottle with a cork lid. 

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999 Gold Prosperity Mini Gold Bar 

These mini gold bars are very light in weight, with options of 0.1 to 0.2g. They are very thin and are in fact closer to a “gold card” than their actual name of “gold bar” that most people refer them as. These mini gold bars are commonly kept in wallets. Available in multiple different designs and blessings, people typically get the type of luck/blessing they hope to receive more of in their lives. 

The 5 blessings come in the form of Chinese characters namely: 

幸福金 - Happiness 

平安金 - Protection 

财富金 - Wealth 

吉祥金 - Auspicious 

如意金 - Blessings 

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999 Gold Precious Pure Gold Bar 

Actual pure gold bars are the most common collectible that many people have been buying and keeping for a long time. Gold bars are also the form of gold bullion that has the highest retain value, which makes them the best form of investment gold. Starting from as light as 1g, gold bars come in different options for different budgets and preferences.  

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Other 999 Gold Products 

Apart from collectibles, 999 gold also comes in the form of jewellery. These are great options for those who wants an alternative use for 999 gold apart from just keeping or displaying them. Apart from 999 gold pixiu and money bag charms matched with beads to make bracelets or rings, there are also 999 gold jewellery such as pendants, earrings, and more.  

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