Symbolism of Key and Lock

Have you seen a girl wearing a key pendant around her neck and been curious about its meaning? We all know that jewellery means a lot to women, but you might be surprised to learn exactly how meaningful the key necklace can be. 

Locks and keys have a simple, obvious function—to lock and unlock doors. Yet when we think of locks and keys, we don't only think of doors; we think of the ways these objects can have symbolic meaning in our lives. As such, some people take the two as a symbol of freedom and confinement. Others see them as symbols of closing one chapter in their life and opening another. 


Tradition of giving a Key Pendant 

Key pendants have been given as gifts for many years. In the past, people believed that when you turned 21 you were old enough to live on your own and hold the keys to your family home and hold a 'senior' position in the family. Thus, giving a key necklace to a family member on their 21st birthday has meaning. It's an old tradition that some has since a long time ago ended up irrelevant and out of date, yet the symbolism of the key pendant necklace on the 21st birthday lives on. 


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Gifted by a Lover – The Key to my Heart 

In a relationship - and specifically in a romantic relationship - you can't avoid symbolism. Most of us want to look out for signs and hints of information that will give us a clue as to what's really going on inside our partner's mind. A key to the heart, because it represents that she is more than just a romantic interest. It's a sign that she's willing to be opened to your world and is hoping you'll open to hers. However, if the person is giving you a key and you are not in a relationship, this could be an indication of potential romantic interest. 

Giving someone the "key to Your Heart" will be a symbol of expressing a special trust and commitment. Thus, when giving a key necklace, make sure they are someone you really see a future with. This act symbolizes that you have unlocked your heart to him or her, and you are ready to share your deepest feelings with that person. 


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A Key to a Brighter Future 

Keys have deep symbolic meaning as well, representing knowledge and success. Keys also symbolize opportunity and the opening of doors for a brighter future. Many people wear key charms or key necklaces when seeking new opportunities at work—perhaps a promotion, or even just a job change—believing the charm will help them achieve their goals. 


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As you have seen, key and lock necklaces have a rich meaning both alone and together. This makes them ideal gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasions in which you want to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Since you can’t physically give up your heart, the lock and key can be the perfect representation of this.