AJ X CNA938 Radio Interview Inspired Q&A

Arthesdam Jewellery recently had the honor of being invited for a radio interview with CNA938. Some of you might have heard our Marketing Director on the radio on Wednesday morning, but for the rest of you who missed it, don’t worry as we have released the clip on our Facebook page!

The following Q&A is inspired by the questions asked during the radio interview.

What is the significance of buying gold during this period leading up to Deepavali?

Gold jewellery is traditionally given and always a favourite gift, it has also been linked with wealth, power, and status.

It is believed that shopping for gold on this day is auspicious and helps to bring in more wealth and prosperity.

On top of adoration and auspiciousness, gold jewellery also acts as security because gold will always keep its value and can be easily liquidated.

How has the sales been so far? How is it like compared to previous years?

With the current Covid-19 situation, families are going out lesser or in smaller groups, which has definitely impacted our retail sales.

Some of our customers have turned to buy from us from our e-commerce platforms and weekly live sessions.

This is because they know that we are 1 out of the 14 brands in Singapore that goes through stringent testing by Singapore Assay Office (a subsidiary of ST Engineering), to ensure that every piece of our gold jewellery item is of guaranteed purity and certified with the Singapore Assay Office hallmark. And it gives them peace of mind regardless of how they shop from us.

How do you deal with crowds especially with Safe Management measures this week?

We have put in place a queue system for peak periods where customers queue according to NEA recommended social distancing guidelines. Our retail team will guide and ensure that customers will shop comfortably within their individual groups and without intermingling. This is on top of the mandatory safe-entry check-ins and sanitisers that are conveniently available for use.

Since we have 3 retail showrooms in Serangoon Rd, some of our frequent customers will be clever enough to check out our other showrooms if they see a queue at any one of them.

What products are popular among your customers?

We have a wide range of offerings and the most popular would be 916 gold jewellery items. 916 gold, also known as 22K gold, has a purity of 91.6% gold content. Jewellery with this type of gold purity is known to keep their gold value well. They are the most durable and therefore suitable for daily wear and all occasions.

We understand that non-Hindus are purchasing jewellery this time? Why is this a good time?

Gold will always hold its value and appreciate over time with inflation. I think it is apparent that the uptrend of gold prices has been consistent over the years.

If you ask us, the best time to buy was yesterday. The next best time is now!

We understand you are open even on Deepavali itself! When is this peak period expected to slow down?

The Deepavali peak period in our retail showrooms might slow down but not for long.

We are expecting consistent sales as the year-end period is where many people get their bonuses. Since leisure travelling has become complicated, some of our friends have turned to retail therapy instead.

We are also ready and well-stocked for the year-end gifting season. After all, for what it’s worth, everyone would be happy to receive a gift of gold.