Popular Types of Pendants

If you are looking for a new necklace, you might want to check out our selection of trendy pendants. Trendy pendants are all the rage right now, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for something simple with a few glass beads or something more elaborate with a unique design, we have got you covered. 


Dancing Pendants 

If you're into the idea of wearing a pendant that looks like it's dancing, then this is the one for you! We have several options in this category that have different types of movements—they can move up and down, side-to-side, or even vibrate like a heartbeat. 


Abacus Pendants (with interesting design) 

Abacus is associated with money and prosperity, so in time the Chinese abacus became a popular feng shui cure of wealth. 
The abacus is being used by many businesspeople in the hope of "ringing more sales," by wearing a small abacus as an accessory, they believe that it can help to attract more sales and money, as well as interaction with the energy of a specific talisman. 

Cross Pendants

Some people identify themselves by faith and wear a pendant symbol of their faith. These jewellery pieces are considered a way to honour or claim a specific religion or belief. Some of these symbols are crosses, the Om symbol, the Virgin Mary, and various icons of different faiths. Also, some people wear religious symbols not as a sign of faith but in the context of a fashion statement.  


Glass Bead Charm / Pendant 

This Glass Bead Collection came from Italy, they are also called Murano Glass Beads as they are only created on the Island of Murano. They double up as a charm, giving it a dual usage sitting either on your wrist as a bracelet charm or chest as a pendant. The mouth-blown and handcrafted pieces are attended to by master glassmakers using special techniques. The intricate floral designs are paired with real 916 gold, bringing the durability and elegance of these glass beads up a few notches. 


Minimalist Pendants

Attractive, minimal style. Classic pendant in simple designs such as butterfly and heart outline, in either 916 gold or 999 gold. Perfect for everyday or special occasions, the minimalist design fits in with any outfit. 


Weaving Pendants

A delicate pendant with an understated shine, the Weaving Pendant features a woven pattern.


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