Nature Inspired Jewellery - Floral Edition

Nature is something that almost everybody loves and treasures. Many artists and designers have taken inspiration from the natural world – particularly the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) kingdoms. Jewellery designs are no exception. This blog will feature some of the creative and beautiful flora-inspired jewellery. 


Four-leaf Clover 

Clovers can be found in many places in nature, but the common ones are three leaves instead of four. It is considered rare and therefore incredibly lucky if a four-leaf clover is found, which is why they are thought to be a good luck charm and are commonly used in jewellery designs. Apart from the symbolism, the shape of the four-leaf clover also looks very adorable and dainty, especially when some of the leaves are designed to be like heart shapes.  




Speaking of leaves, they are also one of the most popular inspirations from nature. Leaves inspired designs can come in many shapes and sizes, just how there are tons of different leaf shapes that can be found in the beautiful nature. We love how leaf jewellery can somehow give off fresh and relaxing vibes, making it suitable for many occasions.  




Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance. This is why actual roses have always been a popular choice for gifts to a lover, especially on special occasions where one professes their love. However, there are also other symbolic meanings or connotations that roses are thought to have. From courage to joy, roses and their inspired designs are definitely something positive to gift someone or wear yourself on a regular basis.  



Other flowers 

Roses might be the most popular flower that most people like to gift or receive, but they are definitely not the only option! Nature boosts a wide variety of flowers, and nature/floral inspired designs uses daisies, sakura and more.  




This one might a little subjective, but we believe that the designs of these hoop earrings are inspired from bamboo. We love the clean and subtle look of the design.  




A honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal prismatic wax cells built by honeybees in their nests to contain their larvae and stores of honey and pollen. This hexagonal shape and colour of earrings reminds us of the honeycombs from the little honeybees. Speaking on which, do stay tuned to our next week’s blog on Nature Inspired Jewellery (Fauna edition) where you’ll see many animals inspired jewellery designs such as bee pendant, butterfly ring, dolphin earrings, and more! 

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