Nature Inspired Jewellery - Fauna Edition

Nature is something that almost everybody loves and treasures. Many artists and designers have taken inspiration from the natural world – particularly the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) kingdoms. Jewellery designs are no exception. This blog will feature some charming fauna-inspired jewellery and if you missed our previous blog featuring flora-inspired jewellery, you can check it out here.  



Starting off with the most popular jewellery design inspired by butterflies. Butterflies are not only beautiful, but they also have mystery, symbolism, and meaning surrounding them. Most commonly, butterflies are thought of as a metaphor representing transformation, change, hope, and life, which really make sense from its metamorphosis from the little caterpillar to the exquisite, delicate, winged beauty. 




Swan symbolises many positive traits, from beauty to grace, to love.  

On the outside, swans look heavenly beautiful. From the way they swiftly glide from one rock to the other, it is undeniable that they symbolize grace and elegance as well. 

There are a few reasons why swans are linked to love. First, you might have seen swans intertwining their graceful, elongated necks and this forms a heart shape. Apart from this obvious observation, there is actually another deeper reason for swans symbolising love. Swan pairs usually don’t break up, forming monogamous pair bonds that can last for many years, often only seeking a new partner if their mate dies.  




Fishes are another popularly used inspiration when it comes to jewellery design. This is also because of their positive symbolism in various cultures. For example, a Koi fish symbolises determination, wealth and success in the Chinese culture, and is a symbol of love and friendship in Japan.  

One of the stories from the Chinese culture goes by this... Koi in China were known to attempt swimming upstream in the yellow river, but only a few of them were able to swim past a point called the Dragon’s Gate. Legend has it that the Koi who did were rewarded by turning into dragons. For this reason, Koi became a symbol of determination and a strong will to succeed. 




It is sometimes hard to believe that cuddly pet cats and the powerful tigers are from the same cat family. While tigers are popularly also known for their strength and power, there are other variations of cats that are quite the opposite. Whether you prefer an adorable or a powerful and fierce looking cat jewellery, we have them all!  



Other Animals 

There are many more animal designs that that are perfect as a gift to that animal lover friend or that animal-loving side of you. From the cool looking snake earrings to the adorable penguin pendant, to many more. Look from our online collection or visit our retail stores for more designs now!