Mother's Day Surprises according to love languages

Acts of service 

Give Mom a break by doing all her household chores or helping her out with her to-do-list. Cleaning the house, re-organising the storeroom, doing the laundry, washing the dishes after each meal. All these are thoughtful gestures that will be appreciated by anyone, especially by your mom on Mother’s Day. 


Words of affirmation 

A handwritten note or homemade card goes a long way. Write down some of your most cherished memories of your mom or a list of things you want to thank her for. Read them out to your mom on Mother’s Day and let her keep the note/card so that she can reread them whenever she likes.  


Quality time 

Gather family photos and create a heartwarming slideshow. Include pictures from different stages of her life, family vacations, and special moments. Set it to her favourite music and watch it together with her. 

Another way to spend quality time is to arrange a family date with your mom. The place to visit should be somewhere your mom loves, whether it is a shopping mall, historical museum, an art gallery, or more.  


Physical touch 

Choose a heartwarming movie to watch together. Make some popcorn, snuggle up, and enjoy quality time. A small action like giving your mom a big hug goes a long way as well. Remember, you are never too old to give your mom a snuggle or hug! 


Receiving gifts 

There are two ways to do this. If you know very well what kind of things she would love to receive as a gift, go ahead and give her the surprise gift on Mother’s Day. If you are not sure of the gift to get, bring her down to shop! Some gift ideas that will likely not go wrong include a bouquet of flowers, some classic gold jewellery, or a new handbag!