Most Interesting Jewellery Designs of all time

As the end of the year is approaching, we would like to use this time to summarise some interesting and unique jewellery designs we’ve seen so far. Whether or not you think it’s a good design or not, it is subjective and we leave that to you!

Soda Can Tabs... Earrings?

While we applaud the designer for the unique earring design, we’re not sure if anybody would pay a few hundred dollars (this is the actual selling price and not made up by us) for a chain of soda tabs...? We leave this question to you readers, would you?

Christmas Monster Inspired Ring

This is definitely one of the most interesting design and fits in the Christmas theme now! Very subjective design - while some may not like the clash of colours, "creepy looking" eyes… others may think of it as quirky and cute! (As I am typing this, my colleague beside happened to glance over and casually commented on how cute the ring looks so yes you get my point.)

Merlion Head Pendant

The next one comes from our very own collection - 916 Gold Singapore Merion Pendant! While this isn’t the first and only time that a Merlion design is used on jewellery, we think it’s a unique fine gold piece that not everybody might choose wear. But hey, if you love Singapore, why not!

Gem in Resin Ring

We absolutely love our sparkly gems and there’s has been various ways to innovate designs incorporating these beautiful babies. One unique design we saw was this gem in resin design. However, we can’t really decide if we like the uniqueness of this because the resin seems to take the sparkle of the gem down a notch?

Food inspired gold jewellery

Food is one of the most things that many people love in common. Jewellery as well. Why not combine the two and create unique jewellery pieces with food designs. We chanced upon this cheese pendant and think they’re pretty adorable (unless you’re someone who thinks that food and jewellery designs should not be interlinked)! 

Interactive Jewellery

You may be wondering what do we mean by this? Some jewellery designs are interestingly designed and made in a way that allow the wearer to fiddle with them. Examples are the locket necklaces which can be opened, abacus designs where the beads are movable and our 916 Gold pendant below - a windmill-like design that can be spun!


Multi-use Jewellery

This is somewhat an extension of the interactive jewellery, whereby the pieces might be manipulated to different ways of wearing. The image below is a great example, where a ring can be opened to become a spherical pendant. How interesting!



DISCLAIMER: Some of the images belong to their rightful owners (not us). Also, opinions are strictly of the writer's, and may be subjective to some.