Jewellery Design for every type of wife

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your wife, read on to find out more. Our jewellery collection is designed to suit every woman and every occasion. From classic gold to silver, our pieces are perfect for any woman who loves to wear jewellery.   

Whether she is going out for a night on the town or heading to work in the morning, there is a piece of jewellery in our collection that will suit her style and personality perfectly. We know that women have different tastes and styles, which is why we have so many choices! Whether you are looking for something simple and elegant or something more edgy and adventurous, we have got you covered. 


For the Traditional wife: If your wife is the traditional type, you can consider getting them a simple “ru yi” knot earring or this traditional peace and safety lock pendant. The ruyi pattern has been cherished throughout Chinese history as a symbol of prosperity. The word ruyi itself comes from the two characters rú (如) and yì (意), and together they mean “as one wishes.” 


Minimalist Jewellery 


For the Minimalist wife: If your wife loves simplicity and does not care much for bling, consider giving her some simple silver earrings or some pretty gold hoop earrings. She'll love the fact that she can wear these every day without worrying about them getting damaged or lost. 


Solitaire Jewellery 

For the wife who likes Sparkles: Gifting your lady solitaire jewellery will have her ‘sparkling’ with tears of joy! Diamonds are a big investment, so keep it for the bigger milestones of her life, like your first or tenth wedding anniversary or your wife’s 30th or 35th birthday! For a more affordable alternative, consider cubic zirconia jewellery such as pendants or earrings, these starry solitaire jewellery pieces are our best sellers, best for gifting and suitable for all occasions. 


Charms Bracelets (Personalise Charms) 

For the Unique wife: If you’re looking for customised jewellery for your wife, you might want to consider going for charm bracelets. Charm bracelets have small trinkets or ornaments dangling from them, which are called ‘charms’. These ‘charms’ have sentiment attached to them, you will be able to choose and select whichever charms you prefer. On various occasions or on reaching different milestones, charms are added as a memory.  


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