Guide to buying jewellery – Who what when where


First question you’ve need to know the answer to: Who are you buying the jewellery for? There is a significant difference between buying a jewellery piece for a man versus a female, or buying for your mother versus your girlfriend or wife. Also, it would be immensely helpful if you know the character and likes of the person so that it is easier to pick out something he or she would like.  



After knowing who exactly the jewellery is for, it is now easier to decide on the type of jewellery. Here are some questions to help you in deciding on what type of jewellery to get. 

  • Type of jewellery – E.g. Chain, bracelets, rings, or? 
  • Style of Jewellery – E.g. Minimalist style or chunky style? 
  • Material of Jewellery – E.g. Gold, silver, or? 
  • Purity of metal – E.g. 999 or 916 gold? 
  • Tone of gold – E.g Yellow gold, rose gold or white gold? 



When should you buy your jewellery? It is advised to start looking at jewellery and the designs in advance. Once you have decided on the piece, it will then be time to lookout for discounts and promotion period. With the monthly double-digit sales and seasonal sales like New Year Sales, Black Friday Sales and more, some people prefer to time their purchases to snag the best deals. Of course, do this with due diligence because some stocks, sizes or designs might be limited and will not be replenished once out of stock.  



Last but not least, it is important find the right retailer to buy your jewellery from – be it online or offline. One advice for customers is to buy from reputable and trusted jewellers/retailers who have a good track record and have been in the market for a long time.  

If you are getting precious metal jewellery such as gold or silver, it is especially important to go to retailers who are able to prove the authenticity and purity of their materials. The best way would be to look out for vendors with a complete set of Hallmarks, which is the best form of consumer protection and guarantee of the purity of precious metals. What you can see in the image below is a Hallmark from Singapore Assay Office (SAO) - a lion’s head. Click on it to find out more about SAO!