Gold Pendants Galore

We love pendants. Pendants are something that can give focus to a piece of jewellery. The right pendant can also complement and accentuate any look or outfit. Pendants can also be very interestingly designed. Like how most charms can be worn as pendants, some pendants can also be worn as charms! 

In this blog, we will be going through some of our most interesting pendant designs, as well as some new arrivals.

Apart from looking pretty, jewellery, or more specifically in this blog, pendants, can be a fun little play toy as well! Here’s a fun fact you might not have heard: the word jewel comes from the old French jouel, which meant something along the lines of “plaything” or toy! 

One example of a “fun” pendant would be this 916 Gold Flower Windmill Pendant (below) that has blades made up of letters L O V E. More interestingly, the blades are spinnable, just like a miniature windmill! 

Apart from movable blades, another type of pendant that is fun and movable is the abacus series. Our abacus beads in these pendants are handcrafted (which is why the beads might not look exactly identical) and can be moved just like a real, life-sized abacus. If your fingers are small and delicate enough, you can even use them for counting!

Another type of pendants we love is these stunning pieces with a sparkly stone in the middle that "vibrates" with every slight movement. These pendants are also known as “dancing diamonds” pendants. The stone we used here is Cubic Zirconia, which makes the pendant equally sparkly but a lot more affordable compared to if a real diamond of the same size was used. 

Next, we have one of our newer arrivals - the dreamcatcher series. Available in full yellow gold and in two-toned, these dreamcatchers are undeniably adorable. Besides looking amazing, dreamcatchers also have a beautiful meaning and usage: that it can help to catch bad dreams and is a good luck charm!

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