Gift Guide for your Friends

We believe that good friends are hard to come by, and it is good to get them a gift this friendship month to show them your appreciation for having them in your life.

Jewellery are one of the best gifts that almost everyone would love to receive. Afterall, who doesn’t love some sparkles in their lives? On top of that, gold jewellery is a timeless gift that will not depreciate as fast and as much as other common gifts, for example, clothing and electronics.

We have gift ideas as a guide that you can consider getting for the various kinds of friends. Read on to find out!

The Best Friend

"Bestie: A ride or die friend, a partner in crime who has seen you at your worst and helps you be your best."

This is your number 1 friend or might even be referred to as your sister but with no blood relations. If you have a best friend like this, be sure to cherish them because not everyone will meet this friend in their lifetime. If you have reached this top level of friendship goals, whoever in this position deserves nothing but the best.

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The Close/Good Friend

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.”

This group of friends comes right after your best friend in terms of priority, and it is people that you hold dearly to you. Show some love and appreciation to this group of friends every now and then to make sure that they know how much you love them.

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The Workplace Friend

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

This group of friends might not be the ones who have gone through every life journey with you, but who have played an important part at some point in your work journey. Also, these are the people you probably meet the most frequently, thus it’ll not hurt to boost your relationship with them. If getting them a gift out of the blue might seem weird, consider getting the gifts on a special day like their birthdays or work anniversary date!

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The Casual Acquaintance

The last of the friend list, this group of friends are people that know truly little about (maybe only their names?) and only met a handful of times. And in our honest opinion, unless you really want to move them up a level on your friend list, this is the group that you can skip buying a gift for.

However, in the event you really need to get a gift, here are some affordable Silver Jewellery options that will not leave a hole in your pocket.

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