Getting Ready for Deepavali 2021

Deepavali, or Diwali, is the most well-known Hindu celebration. Diwali is the festival of light and a festival of new beginnings. It’s particularly associated with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

There are many things to prepare for Deepavali, and preparation usually starts long in advance. 

Cleaning and Decorating of house

During Deepavali, the doorways of homes are decorated with diyas (oil lamps usually made from clay) and rangoli, which are colourful patterns created on tables or floors using materials like rice flour and flower petals. Lighted diyas are placed at doorways to draw auspicious energies into the home. The lighting of oil lamps also signifies light over darkness and good over evil.

Buying sweet and savoury snacks

Food is also an important part of Deepavali, and it is common for people to start their meals on Deepavali with something sweet to signify a good beginning. Popular Deepavali snacks include Gulab jamun (fried milk balls with sugar syrup), Ladoo (a ball-shaped sweet made from flour), and murukku (a savoury, crunchy snack). Snacks are also bought to gift friends and family.

Preparing new clothes and jewellery

New clothes are worn during Deepavali, representing a new start. Bright, colourful clothes are preferred over dull-coloured clothes. Before Deepavali, many Indians also visit goldsmiths to purchase new jewellery to wear with their new clothes. Refer to our previous year’s blog on Deepavali to see more about the types of jewellery commonly bought for Deepavali! 

Get your puja thali ready

One of the most important rituals of the day is Lakshmi Puja, whereby a puja thali needs to be prepared. Puja thali is generally a metal plate that contains certain essentials like unbroken rice grains, kumkum powder, incense sticks, camphor, coconut, gold and silver coins, and some prasad in the form of fruits or sweets.

Celebration in Little India

Since the early 1900s, the Little India area has been a popular spot that attracts people to visit both before and during the Deepavali celebration. Things like food, clothes, and gold jewellery that are needed for Deepavali can all be bought in the area. Also, another iconic scene is the beautiful lights that decorate the entire stretch of roads, which is a mesmerizing sight for all, whether you celebrate Deepavali or not.


For those who only know of our online presence, we do have retail outlets in the Little India area as well! Whether you celebrate Deepavali or not, do feel free to drop by the area to absorb the festive vibes, look at the gorgeous light decorations and perhaps shop for some snacks or gold jewellery too!