"Fortune Tiger" 2022: Lunar New Year Collection

Luck, fortune, and joy—these are all things you think of when someone mentions the Lunar New Year. It’s that time of year when you travel home to be with your family, gather for a reunion dinner, and receive red envelopes filled with cash from relatives. Apart from being one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture, the Chinese New Year is also a season of giving. Besides oranges, tea, and other traditional gifts, consider giving something special this Chinese New Year to someone special with a piece of jewellery as a token of your love. 

As a Lunar New Year gift, it is customary to give your elders a gold treasure bowl with gold ingots, gold bars, and gold coins inside. It is a gesture of gratitude, honour, and respect for your elders. 

999 Gold Prosperity Wealth Ingot Bracelet 

Yuanbao, or ingots, are a traditional Chinese symbol of wealth and prosperity. Many Chinese also display them at home to attract good fortune and wealth.


999 Gold Prosperity Fortune Bag with Bow Bracelet 

The Gold Prosperity Bag with Bow Bracelet is a delicate and shiny adornment made from 999 gold. It's the symbol of prosperity and success.

916 Gold Prosperity Box Abacus Lucky Pendant 

This Prosperity Box Abacus Lucky Pendant brings a touch of the past into modern-day fashion. The accessory is superbly carved with Chinese blessings, with an Abacus on one side, symbolising wealth and prosperity, and "福" on the other, bringing good fortune and blessing. No matter how you style it, this pendant shines! A new way to add some everyday sparkle, this pendant will become a staple in your collection.


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Abundance Pineapple Earrings 

Have you heard of "Ong Lai"? Pineapple, which is known as 'ong lai' in Hokkien dialect, literally means 'prosperity comes'. The fruit resembles the meaning of bringing in good luck; it has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. This is especially so during Lunar New Year celebrations, when people often decorate their homes or even public areas with pineapple decorations. You can even wear accessories or clothes decorated with pineapples!


Majestic Tiger Collection - Gold Pendants 

This year, don’t miss our Tiger Collection. You’ll find a wide range of jewellery dedicated to this popular animal. A tiger, a symbol of good fortune and peace, is looking forward to the coming New Year. It represents strength and patience. You are sure to have good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.




With auspicious strokes of gold, our Tiger Jewellery captures the essence of the tiger: strength, foresight, and wisdom. A perfect gift for anyone who loves this magnificent animal.


As the Year of the Tiger approaches, Arthesdam Jewellery wishes you and your family a safe and prosperous New Year as well as a Happy Lunar New Year!