End Year Season Sales - 25 Shopping Day, Black Friday and more

What is double digit shopping day? 

The double-digit sale is believed to be inspired and adapted from the Chinese Singles’ Day on 11 November, which just ended recently.  

Due to the 11.11 success which have seen record-breaking sales, online retail platforms soon capitalised on this and turned it successfully into a monthly shopping celebration on all double-digit day, for example 1.1, 2.2 and so on.  

As 11.11 is the original double-digit sale day, it is usually the biggest sale with the best deals though the entire year. 

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What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving and is symbolically seen as the start of the holiday shopping season. This year, Black Friday falls on November 25.  

It is typically a day full of shopping deals and discounts and the sales can be expected to start or end days before the actual day. 

If you missed 11.11, here is a second chance for you!  

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What is 25 Shopping Day? 

This is a special year as Black Friday happens to fall on the same day as another sale day – the 25 Shopping Reminder Day.  

Shopping Reminder Day is held annually on November 25. However, there are now 25 Shopping/Shiok Sale Day happening monthly (on 25th of every month) on platforms like Lazada and Shopee, which might be inspired from this Shopping Reminder Day.  

With Black Friday falling on the same day as 25 Shopping Day, you can almost be certain that most online retailers will be offering great deals and discounts, so do not miss this chance to cart out some amazing deals in advance of the festive season!  


What is Cyber Monday? 

Black Friday Sales are usually combined or linked with Cyber Monday, the first day back to work for many consumers after the long holiday weekend. Cyber Monday is a day for online retailers to offer sales and traditional retailers to offer exclusive online deals. 


With such great back-to-back events and sales, November is a wonderful time for shopping, and we suggest all of you shopping for your Christmas gifts now if you have not!  

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