Christmas Style Guide 2022

There are so many reasons and ways to get dressed up at this year-end season - whether you are attending a Christmas party, a casual gathering with relatives or friends to catch up about the year’s happenings or even packing your year-end travel outfits etc. We have come up with some styles you can get idea inspirations from.  

From Christmas related colourful charms to snowflake inspired jewellery, to sparkling diamond necklaces, there’s jewellery to suit every style and every occasion. 


The Very Merry Christmas  

This is the most Christmas-sy style you can possibly imagine, with focus on bold red and green colours, the very colours of Christmas essence. This is definitely a fun look that will make heads turn and draw eyes on you. Match this look with bold coloured enamel charms like the 916 Gold Bold Red High Heels Charm.



[Photos of Outfit from Prada]  


The Casual Holiday Vibes  

Coming next is quite the opposite of the bold style and colours of the Very Merry Christmas style. Simple and minimalist look is what we are looking for, but of course it should incorporate the Christmas vibes, which we think that the following jewellery pieces are perfect for. Pair a white top with denim bottoms for the casual yet chic look, finished with some snowflake earrings and necklace to match in the festive season. 

[Photo of Outfit from Shein] 



Sparkly White Christmas 

Think white Christmas, with a dash of sparkles. Afterall, everybody loves some sparkles in their lives! This look is curated, sleek and elegant, all in one. Whether you prefer a long sparkly dress for a formal dinner event, or tone it down a notch with some sparkly top and plain bottoms. A diamond necklace and sparkly hoop earrings add the perfect finishing touch to the look.  

[Photos of outfits from Pinterest] 


Which of the three styles do you like best? If you're a creative soul who loves to find and match your own style, you can find even more jewellery designs here