Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones

Tis the season to sparkle, and what better way to make your loved ones sparkle and shine than with the gift of dazzling Christmas jewellery? From timeless classics to festive novelties, this gift guide will help you navigate the world of holiday sparkles and find the perfect piece for everyone on your gifting list. 


Whimsical Charms 

What can be a better Christmas gift than some whimsical charms that showcase or reflect the Christmas jolly spirit! Choose from a wide variety of Christmas related charms like the 916 Gold Present Gift Box Charm, the 916 Gold Lucky Red Star Charm, or the 916 Gold Ringing Bells of Happiness Charm and prepare to see the smile of happiness from the recipient.  


Jingle Bells 

Embrace the joy of the season with playful jewellery that jingles! You have seen our 916 Gold Ringing Bells of Happiness Charm above but there’s more! Opt for a more playful and fun look with the 916 Gold Playful Bells Quartz Bracelet, or a more subtle bell bracelet design like the 916 Gold Disco Bracelet with Bell. 


Dazzling Snowflake 

What is Christmas without some snowflakes? Since you will not be able to see actual snowflakes in all year-round sunny Singapore, consider adding some dazzling golden snowflake earrings this Christmas and make it a golden affair to remember. 


Festive Gemstones 

Add a pop of holiday colour with some beautiful jewellery from our 18K Gold Precious Colour Gemstone Collection. From vibrant pink rubies to mesmerizing blue sapphires to charming purple amethysts, there will definitely be something for everyone. 


Sparkling Stars 

Sparkly and shiny, our Starry Solitaire Collection is one of the top favourites regardless of seasons. A timeless and elegant classic that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Available in different jewellery types – earrings, pendants, and even rings, it is possible to even get a whole matching set for a loved one.  

If you prefer the actual star shape jewellery, check out our wide range here.