Christmas Gift Guide (For Her)


Ever heard of the famous quote: “a woman can never have enough shoes”? The same applies to bags! And bags are an easier gift to shop for than shoes, without worrying that the size might not fit. From roomy tote bags to dainty sling bags, the options are endless.


What is the number one thing that most women take care of? Skin! And what would be a better gift this season to gift them? Skincare products! We know that some people may be sensitive and it’s hard to choose the right product if you don’t know exactly what they like to use regularly. If you’re somebody who doesn’t know much about skincare products, we suggest you stick to the safer options that most people use on a regular basis - sheet masks or moisturizer!


This might be another subjective option but if the person you’re giving to isn’t particular about scents, this can be a great gift idea! Other than the usual perfumes, another option would be scented candles or aroma diffusers that the receiver can put anywhere they please - from living rooms to bedrooms to even work place! 


We have specially collated various jewellery designs that we think will not go wrong as a Christmas gift - from the classic cross shapes to delicate snowflake to adorable teddy bears. We also think that the sparkly white gold designs give off the white Christmas vibes! If you prefer a more personalised gift, you can customise a jewellery piece which some jewellers do as well! Otherwise, you can opt for a jewellery piece that has her birthstone or initials. 



Last but not least, if you still can’t decide at this point then you have another option to fall back on - Giftcards! Arthesdam Jewellery E-Giftcards are available in denominations of $100 and $200, will be sent to your email address within 3 working days & are redeemable at To send this gift card to another recipient, you can print out the email or forward it to their email address. Easy and fuss-free!

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