Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

After you've said "yes" to the partner and dress of your dreams, it's time to start the process of looking for your wedding jewellery. 

Apart from couple themselves, the wedding dress is probably the next star of the show. Jewellery should be chosen to match and complement both the dress and the wearer. This comes down to two main things: Colour and style. 


Wearing colourful jewellery on your wedding day may sound gorgeous, but it should complement your skin tone and clothing too. While there are no fixed rules, some precious metals do work better with certain hues. A pure white gown looks best with white metals such as white gold or platinum. In contrast, ivory and champagne-coloured gowns gown may look best paired with rose gold or yellow gold metals. Coloured gemstones jewellery works best with white or light-coloured gowns, and may seem a little “too much” with coloured gowns like blue or red.  

Style - Dress 

Again, it is not a fixed rule, but a general guideline that jewellery should complement the style of the wedding dress. If the dress has a very high neckline, consider forgoing the necklace and opt for earrings as the centre of focus. If the gown has long sleeves, you may forgo the bracelet altogether. 

Design of gown should also be taken into consideration. If the wedding gown is very intricate and donned with beading, embroidery or other complicated details, the jewellery chosen should be simpler. On the other hand, if the gown is simple and minimalistic, you may opt for more elaborate or even bigger or more jewellery to add a touch of glamour. 

Style - Personal 

Apart from matching the jewellery style to the dress, it is also good to consider the usual and preferred style of the bride herself. Since it is your special day, choosing jewellery pieces that you like or matches your usual style is important too. Whether you’re a fan of statement earrings or vintage design jewellery, opting for something close to heart helps you to feel great on your special day. 


Wedding should be a happy celebration and at the end of the day, what you choose to wear is your choice as long as you are happy with it.