Choosing Your Couple Rings

Choosing your couple rings is an important decision for many people. Couple rings are most typically associated with wedding rings and are thus a longtime or lifetime commitment. However, you don’t have to be getting married to get a pair of couple rings! You can get them on any occasion as you please, and maybe get them as a promise ring before one party is actually ready to go down on one knee? In this blog, we will be listing down some of the points (many of which are interlinked) you should think about when choosing your couple rings.

Consider your lifestyles

This includes both parties in a relationship, not just the buyer or the receiver, as both will be wearing the rings for a long time to come. This will mainly affect the ring material and design to choose from. For example, someone who is frequently doing sports might prefer to opt for a lighter, simpler yet sturdier ring.

Ring Material

There are many materials that rings can be made from. The most recommended and popular ring material is gold. Not only does the colour of gold look beautiful, but it also does not rust, tarnish or corrode. There are various types of gold with different purity, which can affect the durability, colour, and value of the rings.

Ring Colour

After choosing the main material, comes the colour of the ring. Metal rings most commonly come in yellow, white, or rose tones. It has also become more common to see mixed-tone rings, from two-toned to even three-toned. Some people also like the look of stacking and mixing rings with different colour tones.

Consider your styles

Are you someone who loves the classic minimalism look, or someone who loves unique and elaborate details? This largely affects the design of your couple rings. On top of considering your own style preference, you should also take into consideration of your partners. It would be easier if both partners have similar style preferences.

Match or not match

If two partners have a different style preference, you can then decide whether to compromise or to have two designs that are different. Who said that couple rings have to be of the exact same designs? 

Stones or no stones

This is one important question that directly affects your budget. It is known that stones on rings doesn’t come cheap. It is okay to opt for rings without any stones if there is a limit on budget, or there is always the alternative to consider other stones apart from the usual diamonds. This includes lower-priced gemstones or even cubic zirconia. 

Right size

Last but not least, you have to decide on the size. This would be an easier task if both couples are discussing and buying the rings together. For purchases at the physical shops, you would be able to try on the various sizes to find the best fit. For online or surprise purchases, you would have to find some way to measure the finger and gauge using the ring size charts of the shop you are buying from! 


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