Chinese Weddings - Gold and more

Important Elements - Kua and Gold

One of the most important elements in a Chinese wedding ceremony is the bride’s traditional two-piece wedding dress called the Qun Kua (裙褂). The Qun Kua a is a two-piece loose jacket and skirt in striking red to symbolize luck, happiness and bountiful blessings for the auspicious occasion. It is usually embroidered with gold and silver threads and embellished with pearls, coloured sequins, as well as motifs such as dragons and phoenixes. Qun Kua is usually worn during the tea ceremony or when the bride returns back to the bride’s home. 

Another important element in a traditional Chinese wedding would be the gorgeous gold jewellery. The gold jewellery is not just to accessorise, but hold great meaning and symbolism.

Most of the gold bridal jewellery is bought by the senior members of the couple’s families before the wedding and gifted to the couple as an expression of their well wishes. In particular, there is the “Si Dian Jin” (四点金), which is given by the groom’s family to the bride, giving assurance that she will always have a roof over her head, and will be taken care of throughout her marriage. Si Dian Jin” (四点金) is translated to mean “four touches of gold”, and represents the four corners of a roof. This gold jewellery gift is traditionally in a set, consisting of a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings. 

It is believed by some that only the best kind of gold should be worn by the bride because anything less pure is not seen as appropriate to secure the best outlook for the couple. Therefore, 24-karat gold is often the preferred gold.

Common Jewellery Designs

Chinese symbol “囍” (Double happiness)

The symbol “囍” is a special Chinese character used for marital happiness, and is also one of the most common designs that has continued to even the present days. The symbol comprises of two standard characters “喜” that mean happiness, thus the symbol means double happiness. In short, the symbol carries the blessings that the newlyweds will enjoy a life filled with love and happiness. 

Golden Pigs 

Oversized, gold pig hanging on the necks of the bride - this is a common design that many brides used to wear. Some even have little pigs dangling from them, depicting a mother pig with her piglets. The meaning behind the pigs are greatly positive. Pigs are considered lucky and represent wealth, abundance and prosperity. More importantly, the pigs symbolised fertility, which was a priority in the olden days. 

Dragon and Phoenix

The regal pairing of the legendary Dragon and Phoenix represents a divine match made in heaven, symbolising a perfect harmony for a marriage that can withstand the test of time. These are also common symbols that are believed to bring about auspicious life. 

Floral - Lily and Lotus

The most common floral jewelry design given to women on their wedding day includes the lily and the lotus. These flower designs represent children and a long and happy marriage, while some believe that they represent the beauty and elegance of the virtuous bride. 

Modern Day 

The modern wedding gold jewellery is more flexible and simpler, with many more designs and options to choose from. Some brides are even given the opportunity to choose her preferred designs! What are your thought about keeping up with these traditions?