Anniversary Gifts to get and NOT to get

Anniversaries are an important part of life. They remind us of important events, both personal and cultural. Whether we're marking a relationship, wedding, death of a loved one or any other momentous event, an anniversary puts a pin on the calendar to remind us of something that matters to us.

For anniversaries of happy events, gifts are often exchanged or given. One question that people always ask is: What should I buy as a gift? 

Today, we will be going through some gift suggestions - both what to get and what not to get!

What gifts to get for:

Dating Anniversary

This is probably the most romantic phase or anniversary to celebrate. At this stage of life, you are likely to be younger (compared to a wedding anniversary) and have more time (compared to being married with children). Custom or DIY (do-it-yourself) gifts are one great option to show your effort and thoughtfulness. Flowers like a rose bouquet may seem cliche but is actually one of the safer options too, be it in the early or late dating phase.

Wedding Anniversary

By this stage you would have already invested more into the relationship - both time and effort. We think that jewellery is a great option as you would probably know better now about the style that your partner wears, whether or not they prefer a simplistic everyday earrings or a sparkly, dangly bracelet with charms everywhere. Invest in a gold item which never loses its value, showing your partner how your love for her will never die too. 

1st: Mother of Pearl with Love Bracelet

2nd: Infinity Love Bracelet

Work Anniversary

Another happy anniversary that is less commonly celebrated would be your work anniversary. We think that this is the best time to buy your loved ones or even yourself some gifts! It can be something related to work, for example a new fancy pen, some nice chocolates to add on to your snack stash in your workplace, or even something you can wear to work, such as new clothes or jewellery!

What gifts to NOT get for any type of anniversaries

Home Appliances

Yes, we get that your partner might have been dropping hints about needing to get a new vacuum, or oven or iron etc. However, that is not the best thing that you should be giving as an anniversary gift, especially for a wedding anniversary because you are buying the appliances for your own house for your own use too!

No gift

This may be subjective as there might be some people who really do not like gifts. But for the majority, any gift is better than no gift! The gift does not have to be expensive, but a little something to remind the person that you care. 

With everything we've mentioned, we hope we have been you some ideas on the gift to get for your next anniversary! Remember, everyone is different and you should bear in mind the preference of the person you are giving the gift to!