All that Sparkles [Less Bitter, More Glitter]

Everybody is drawn to sparkly things. As for the science behind this, humans and animals are naturally attracted to sparkly things. Some animals, such as birds and raccoons, love shiny, sparkly things so much that they are known to steal them. But what exactly is it about sparkle that captures the attention so much? Why do women in particular love glittery or sparkly things, especially jewellery? And what are the types of jewellery that sparkles?

Reasons why we love sparkles

Pretty and Attractive

One of the reasons is simply because sparkly things are pretty! Sparkly things naturally attract the eye and get the brain’s attention. It also makes you stand out without too much effort. The reflected light literally lights up your face, while it also lightens up your face when you break into a smile upon seeing the sparkly item. 


Brightens your day, Lifts your mood

Glitters and sparkles can do more than just light up your face. For some people, wearing or looking at sparkly things helps to brighten your day and lifts your mood. This is why makeup such as shimmery eyeshadow, sparkly nail polish is such a hit with the ladies. This is also a fun and harmless way to boost your mood and soothe any negative emotions. 


Reminds us of our needs - Water

Another more logical or scientific reason of why people are attracted to shiny things has been proven through various tests and studies by scientists. The findings suggest that the attraction has to do with water.

In one test, both adults and children were exposed to advertisements printed on both glossy and matte paper. Results indicated that individuals preferred advertisements printed on glossy paper.

Through this experiment, in which they have involved children who are too young to appreciate the link between the financial condition and shiny things, scientists have shown that a preference for shiny things is a natural reaction and not an association acquired by wealth.



Types of shiny, sparkly jewellery


Gold itself is shiny enough to beautifully reflect light on its own. Although other metals such as silver can be polished and textured in multiple ways so as to catch the light and the eye, there are no metals that can quite match up to gold. The atoms in gold are heavier than in most other metals. This attribute makes the electrons move faster, which in turn allows for some of the light to be absorbed into the gold.


This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sparkly jewellery. Women love diamonds, as the famous quote goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Easy to pair with any type of jewellery, with any outfit or occasion, you can never go wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are one of the hardest minerals or earth. It is also one of the more expensive and favourite choices among the gemstones due to its rarity and brilliance. 


There are other alternatives to diamonds that can be adorned with jewellery. Gemstones come in a comprehensive variety - from the types to colours and more. Coloured gemstones are actually gaining prominence in recent years. This is especially true for quality gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, who rank higher in the Mohs scale (hardness closer to diamonds thus less susceptible to scratches).

Faceting Diamond-Cut

This is the most budget-friendly option among all. Faceting is the process to cut and polish a surface with multiple sides so that light can fall on any angle and be easily reflected to give off a shiny, sparkly look. Faceting cut can and has been done on all types of jewellery - from earrings to pendants to rings. Although faceting the jewellery itself may not make it as sparkly compared to actual sparkling stones, it is a great alternative for those who prefer a more subtle sparkle or have a tighter budget. 

After going through the reasons why people love sparkles, as well as some of the type of jewellery that sparkles, what is your reason and favourite type of sparkles?