6 Reasons to Love Gold Jewellery


Although other metals such as silver can be polished and textured in multiple ways so as to catch the light and the eye, there are no metals that can quite match up to gold. Unlike other elements, gold naturally possesses a subtle array of unique and beautiful colors. The atoms in gold are heavier than in most other metals. This attribute makes the electrons move faster, which in turn allows for some of the light to be absorbed into the gold.

Also, due to the malleable properties of gold, it is possible to make gold into many beautiful designs and patterns, no matter how intricate they are. 



Gold jewellery is probably the most versatile and classic jewellery you can possibly own. There are no seasons that gold jewellery can’t be worn, and no gold jewellery that will go out of trend. If a specific design of a gold jewellery does go out of trend and you are confident that you would never want to wear it again, there is always the option of recasting it! 

Not only that, gold jewellery can come in many forms and colours! From the most common yellow gold to white gold to rose gold. From 24K (999) pure gold to 22K (916), 18K (750) and many more different purity variations depending on your budget and preference. 


Aside from the aesthetics and versatility that gold jewellery brings us, gold has a few symbolic meanings behind it. It is not a surprise for most that gold is the symbolism of luxury and power.  

Gold also symbolizes victory or success, which you can see from events such as sports competition, the champion is often awarded a gold medal, although they do not contain a high percentage of actual pure gold. Gold is also the color of optimism, positivity, enlightenment and wisdom.



Gold ranks high in physical properties that matter in jewellery. Although gold is malleable, it is still a strong metal. Gold will not tarnish or rust, it is the most corrosion-proof and oxidation-resistant metal. This is because gold is unreactive with gases and liquids it is exposed to. This also means that gold, be it in the forms of coins, bars or pieces of jewellery, can be left or used for many years without it rusting or spoiling easily! Gold Jewellery = Timeless Classic. 



Most would agree that gold has and will always have value. Apart from gold coins and bars, this also includes gold jewellery. Gold jewellery has a high resale value that most other precious jewellery cannot match. That is also the reason why some people think that buying fashion jewellery that tarnishes or spoils after a few uses is as good as throwing away your hard-earned money (which we don’t disagree!).



Gold is believed to have a relaxing effect and a great de-stressor. If you always feel down and worn out, gold jewelry can cheer you up as it has positive energy that can overcome problems within your body or mind. This positive energy brings warm, soothing vibrations that relax your blood vessels and boost oxygen distribution to the cells. By boosting oxygen flow through the body, gold helps every body part perform optimally and you will find it easier to complete tasks. Good blood circulation is an important aspect of keeping away disease and boosting energy, and this is one reason why many people wear gold jewelry directly on their skin. 

Gold may mean different things to different people, and there are various reasons as to why people love gold jewellery. So what does gold jewellery mean to you?