5 Jewellery Tips You NEED to Know

Mixing colours 

This tips goes two ways. First is to mix the metal colours. Common jewellery metal colours are yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Some people may think that it is “not right” to mix different colours of metals in one look, but that is an old way of thinking. There is no need to stick to one colour - yellow gold necklace with yellow gold earrings, or white gold rings with white gold bracelets. In fact, it is common now to see different metals colours mixed into one piece of jewellery. We love the contrasting colours that add a touch of vibrance to any look!

The second part would be to mix different coloured gemstones in your jewellery. Colourful beads and stones can instantly make a dull outlet pop! We especially love how beaded bracelets are so versatile and can easily be customised to any colours (or meanings of stones) that we like!

Layer them up

The jewellery world is huge. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets and more, almost every body part can have a type of jewellery on it. But no matter how much you love jewellery, it does not mean you have to wear them on all the body parts. For a different and fancier look, we suggest layering your jewellery. However, this applies to only certain jewellery such as necklaces, bangles and rings. 

We think that necklaces are the best jewellery for layering. You can experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures and colours to make appealing and unique. Bracelets and rings have lesser ways to play around with, but can be brilliant if layered well too. If you’re afraid of overdoing the look, you can opt to stick to similar shapes or sizes to give it a more minimalistic, classy look. 

All about balance

This may sound contradicting to the previous tips telling you to mix the colours, layer the jewellery etc, but it’s not. Mixing and layering can be fun and gives a fresh new look, but it is possible to overdo it too. Everything is about balance and we feel like as long as you don’t look or feel like a walking jewellery hanger with rainbow coloured jewellery hanging from almost every part of your body, everything is good.

Classics > Trends

Trends influence what we all wear to a certain extent, which is totally fine. But it's never a good idea to blindly follow fashion trends at the expense of your own taste and personality. You'll end up losing yourself, and a lot of money. 

Instead, try to figure out or create your own style which suits you and makes you feel confident. That style might not be in trend right now or at some point in future, but it doesn’t matter. If you’re still not sure of your own style or really not have one, classics never go wrong too.

Final Tip

An final yet most important tip here: do whatever you’re comfortable with and break the rules as you see fit!