YES I DO - Getting Married in Singapore

Proposal/Engagement – Preparation of Engagement Ring 

The “must-have” for most couples – the diamond ring. Of course, there are some people who doesn’t believe in proposal rings, much less spending so much money on a diamond ring.  

There is no right and wrong but for many couples who are looking for proposal rings, options are more than plentiful now. Apart from the traditional natural/mined diamonds, there are more common and affordable options such as lab grown diamonds, gemstones, and even diamond simulants.  

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Solemnisation (ROM) - Preparation of Wedding Rings 

The most important part (apart from being mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to get married!) is to remember to submit a marriage application and to choose your wedding rings in advance! The steps to officialise a marriage in Singapore are as follows. 

  • Prepare marriage application 
  • Book a solemniser 
  • Submit marriage application 
  • Attend appointment and make declaration 
  • Solemnisation 

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What to know before choosing wedding rings? 

The steps to choosing the wedding rings should be easier by now. With some experience in ring shopping from your engagement ring, it is now time to shop for rings for both parties. Similar guidelines apply when choosing the rings.

Consider your lifestyles 

Important as both parties will probably be wearing the rings every day for a long time to come. Lifestyle will mainly affect the ring material and design to choose from. For example, someone who is frequently doing sports might prefer to opt for a lighter, simpler yet sturdier ring. 

Ring Material 

There are many materials that rings can be made from. The most recommended and popular ring material is gold. Not only does the colour of gold look beautiful, but it also does not rust, tarnish or corrode. There are various types of gold with different purity, which can affect the durability, colour, and value of the rings. 

Ring Colour 

After choosing the main material, comes the colour of the ring. Metal rings most commonly come in yellow, white, or rose tones. It has also become more common to see mixed-tone rings, from two-toned to even three-toned.  


Are you someone who loves the classic minimalism look, or someone who loves unique and elaborate details? This largely affects the design of your couple rings. On top of considering your own style preference, you should also take into consideration of your partners. It would be easier if both partners have similar style preferences. 

Right ring size 

Visit our retail stores to view our wide range of ring designs, try on the sizes, or even customise your own rings. Otherwise, easily measure and compare to our ring chart by yourself!

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Wedding Banquet/Ceremony -  Jewellery Sets for wearing & gifting 

There is different type of wedding ceremonies to follow according to different traditions and cultures. For example, the Chinese may follow the traditional Chinese set of wedding traditions including the holding of tea ceremony and gifting of “Si Dian Jin” (four pieces of gold jewellery gift set) while it is common for the Indian wedding ceremony to feature a pendant necklace — called a “Mangalsutra” (auspicious thread uniting the souls) to be tied around a Hindu bride's neck, a symbol that the couple is bound in matrimony and an indication of the bride's new status as a married woman. 

It is important to find out about the traditions that need to be followed with both sides of families, and the details to take note of during the planning phase. Apart from checking from your parents and grandparents, such information can easily be found online now!