White Gold vs Yellow Gold

One of the main reasons why people want to get to know about white gold vs yellow gold is that they want to be sure that they are getting the best value from their money. Being able to differentiate between the two types of gold can help you be sure about what you are going to purchase. 

There are a lot of similarities between white and yellow gold, both works well with nearly any cut, clarity and carat diamond. The main different is the metal mixture used to make them. Depending on what metals are used and the percentage that they are present will result in different colours. 

What is White Gold and What is Yellow Gold? 

White Gold 

White gold is not found in nature, it is a mixture of yellow gold and several other metals, including platinum, palladium, and nickel. A common misconception that most people have is the raw form of white gold is white in colour. In fact, white gold has a natural light-yellow tinge. The exact proportion of the alloy mixture varies, depending on the kind of jewellery being made. These different metals produce slightly different characteristics to the metal. For example, white gold with nickel is the hardest and most durable. Rhodium is applied to the final product to give it that classic white gold look. 

Yellow Gold 

Pure gold is known for its yellow colour and softness, but it’s too soft to wear as jewellery. For this reason, it is often mixed with other metals. The resulting alloy, known as “yellow gold,” is much harder than pure gold. This gives the metal more durability, keeps it from bending out of shape easily. 

Level of Gold Purity 

The purity of gold is specified in karats, a high karat signifies a high purity of gold.  

24K Gold

A 24 Karat gold is often known as 999 gold with 99.9% of gold purity and has a distinct bright yellow colour. The 24-karat gold is more expensive than 22 or 18 Karat gold. 

22K Gold 
The 22 Karat gold is mostly used in making jewellery,22 parts of the metal are gold and rest two comprises of other metals. It is also known as 916 gold with 91.6% of gold purity. 916 gold are more popular in making of engagement rings since it is more durable and less likely to suffer scratches.  

18K Gold 
The 18 Karat gold comprises of 75% gold mixed with 25% of other metals. This type of gold is commonly used to make stone studded jewellery and other diamond jewellery. It is less expensive compared to 24K and 22K gold. 

All the gold coins, bars or jewellery has its purity marked into it. You should always buy jewellery that has Hall Mark and purity inscribed on them. 

The Pros and Cons of White and Yellow Gold 


White Gold 

  • More affordable metal alternative to platinum with a similar appearance 
  • Has a modern look, popular for engagement rings 
  • More durable and scratch resistant than yellow gold 
  • Hard rhodium coating offers good protection against wear and tear 
  • Complements the white colour of diamonds and other coloured gemstones
  • Complement to all skin tones, especially fair or rosy. 

Yellow Gold 

  • Vintage and classic vibes 
  • This is the purest form of gold, which makes it hypoallergenic, and it’s also the easiest maintain and care for 
  • Easy for jewellers to work with, for more intricate and detailed jewellery designs 
  • Very complementary to all skin tones, especially olive or darker 
  • Works very well with coloured diamonds, giving off a pretty warmth. 


White Gold 

  • Require more maintenance to retain its colour, it needs to be recoated with rhodium every few years 
  • Often mixed with nickel, which may cause allergic reactions to some 
  • Ring sizing will require additional plating step, resulting in higher expense 

Yellow Gold 

  • As it is malleable, yellow gold is prone to dents and scratches 
  • May require polishing and buffing to restore lustre 
  • Harder to match with fancy diamonds and gemstones 


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