What to do during a long weekend


Other than being a food paradise, the other thing that Singapore is well known for is being a shopping paradise. Our land scarcity issue has not stopped us from having many shopping malls from popping up all around Singapore. From large, beautiful and world-famous malls like Changi Jewel and Marina Bay Sands, to local favourites like Ion Orchard to even smaller neighbourhood malls or shophouses. 

Our outlets (89/95/97 Serangoon Rd) will be opened throughout this Lunar New Year (except Eve) so you can come over for some jewellery shopping if you have no plans!

Although physical shopping has and will always be a huge part of life here in Singapore, it is also a fact that some shoppers have moved to online shopping as an alternative. This is especially so in the Covid-struck world in which Singapore was not able to escape as well. With the stringent measure in public areas, some people might find it more troublesome to visit malls. Where do people go shopping then? Online! From e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada, shopping has never been easier. 

Feel free to shop at our website/Shopee/Lazada if you prefer online over physical shopping!

Another type of shopping that has recently gained huge traction is Live sessions, which are also done online. This is slightly different from e-commerce shopping as customers will have to join in the time that sellers start hosting their live session, and they are only able to purchase what is sold in the Live session. Live sessions are commonly watched on Facebook, Shopee and Lazada. 

Catch our twice a week Facebook and Shopee live with special deals (follow our Facebook for the latest updates)! 


This is the healthiest activity that you can consider doing over the weekend. After all, you can’t be shopping the entire long weekend/holiday? The most ideal situation that we can suggest is… to do some shopping as retail therapy, followed by some exercise as physical therapy! One of the best exercise to start with, whether or not you've been exercising frequently, would be jogging!


This is a cross between shopping and exercising. Despite being a small island, Singapore has lots of places that are worth exploring! From hidden shopping spots to quirky cafes to heritage districts… there is definitely something that interests you! Perhaps you could take a walk around Chinatown or Little India, or cafe hop around Farrer Park! 

Spend time with loved ones

Don’t forget that spending time with your loved ones is as important as your retail and physical therapy! Use this break away from work to spend a little more time with your loved ones and we’re sure that no matter if you’re spending time together indoors or outdoors, they will appreciate it. Don’t forget to make use of the Singapore Rediscover Vouchers for a weekend staycation or day trip to local attractions if you haven’t!

Unwinding and Recharge - Alone

Last but not least, whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, some alone time never hurts. While having loved ones around can certainly be fun and essential, it is equally important to have some time to yourself. A long weekend is a perfect break for you to unwind and recharge. Go ahead and spend some time alone - be it reading in your room or going out to cafe hop by yourself. Who knows, you might even enjoy it more than having people around!


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