Valentine's Day Jewellery for Him & Her

Got a Valentine’s Day date coming up? Don’t stress — just complement her with a stylish piece of jewellery. Gold jewellery offers a multitude of designs and styles to please any special lady in your life. Whether she wants something that shows off her personality or just needs something functional, there are endless possibilities! 

Choosing a gift for someone you love can be tricky. Do they prefer simple, classic jewellery or are they generally more flashy? Our gift guides are here to help. From necklaces to ring, we have something for everyone, even if you are looking for couple jewellery, our classic rings make the best couple ring. 

For Her: 

Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Mother of Pearl with Love Bracelet 

Are you looking for a bracelet that is both meaningful and stylish? Look no further than our Mother of Pearl bracelet. This amazing piece combines a minimalist look with pieces of real shell, giving it the delicate beauty that your girlfriend will love. 



Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Infinity Love Earrings 

Radiate love, harmony, and beauty with these gold infinity earrings. Our 916 Gold Infinity Love Earrings are an all-time favourite. They're so simple and elegant, suitable to everyday wear to add a pop to your outfit of the day.


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Mother of Pearl with Love Earrings 

The gift of beautiful simplicity with these delicate earrings that will match any ensemble. Another set of Mother of Pearl earrings that we absolutely adore, wear it to pair with the Mother of Pearl bracelet! 


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Sweet Daisy Necklace 

This sweet dainty necklace is perfect for anyone with a love of daisies. The dainty pendant is crafted from gold and has been designed to look like a paper cut out daisy, this necklace is the perfect gift for a loved one.  


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Whimsical Dreamcatcher Necklace 

Dangling from a 916 gold chain is a slim, delicate dreamcatcher pendant. This whimsical dreamcatcher will add a modern touch to any outfit. Plus, dreamcatchers are said to keep nightmares at bay!  



For Him:

Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold Prosperity Pixiu Obsidian Beaded Bracelet (10mm beads) 

A powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity, this pixiu bracelet gives you the power to be bold in your pursuit of success. Pixiu is believed to bring you good luck and fortune, and to watch over your household. Gift it to your other half as a reminder for prosperity, good fortune and protection against bad luck! 


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Modern Round Box Necklace Chain

Giving your loved one you care about a gold chain can be a very meaningful gesture. One plus point of gold chains is they are affordable; they make a practical gift. A person wearing one of these necklaces is trendy, and will be seen as powerful, successful and financially secure. A simple piece that matches with any outfit for any occasion. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Lucky Coins Ring  &916 Gold Classic Roman Ring

If your partner wears a gold watch, avoid a clash jewellery on the wrist! You can opt for a simple and classy gold ring instead. The Gold Luck Coin Ring and Gold Classic Roman Ring are our popular ring designs, it can double up as couple ring if you intend to get it for yourself too!  



The best Valentine's Day gifts are special because of the meaning behind them, not the cost, so finding a gift that means something to your significant other should be at the forefront of your mind. If you and your partner have been together for some time, consider getting each other a piece of jewelry to celebrate all the time you've spent together and to show how much you care for one another. This can be a symbol of how happy you feel about your relationship, regardless of whether it is a diamond engagement ring or an anniversary present, so invest in something that is worth keeping and expressing. 

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