Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February is the shortest yet one of the most exciting month of the year! From the widely celebrated Lunar New Year that comes with extra holidays (for most people), to Valentine’s Day (even though there’s no Public Holiday for it).

With our previous two blogposts focusing on Lunar New Year, it is now time to move on to Valentine’s Day gift guide! This guide, which can be used to find something for your girlfriend, wife, mom, or best friend, comprises thoughtful gift ideas that will definitely make her feel special and loved on Valentine's Day and beyond.



916 Gold Mother of Pearl with Love Bracelet/Earrings

Our favourite part of this design got to be the iridescent dangling hearts made with the Mother of pearl, showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles. You can purchase the bracelet or earrings individually, or if there’s more budget, get both as a beautiful gift set.


916 Gold Two-toned Love Heart Earrings

What are the common things that most ladies loves? Food and jewellery! We absolutely love how this pair of earrings look just like a mini pie or waffle! Adorable yet classy, these two-tone earrings are suitable all occasions, especially on a date night on Valentine’s day! 


916 Gold Dazzling Sweetheart Pendant

One of the newer and top favourite designs of all time. The name of this pendant tells you exactly what it is - dazzling and sweet. A dainty little heart that is beautifully faceted to give the most brilliant dazzle. Super simple yet super gorgeous. 

If you’re tired of all the heart-shaped designs, don’t worry! We have many designs that are “less cliche” but also perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift!


916 Gold Dreamy Rose Earrings/ 916 Gold Love Rose Earrings

The rose has long been the symbol of love, passion, hope and commitment. Giving and receiving fresh blooms is wonderful and, for just a few days, we get to enjoy them in all their splendour. Sadly, fresh flowers don't last - petals drop and bloom fades. That is why nothing is  better than giving real gold roses that never wither or die, having everlasting beauty and best of all, value.


916 Gold Dancing Star Pendant in 916 Gold

Our dancing diamond collection in which the (synthetic) diamond moves or vibrates constantly, giving out a brilliant dazzle. Framed with a star, this gift will be perfect to let your receiver that they are the star that lights up your life. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Apple Earrings

“You are the apple of my eye” Just this one phrase to accompany this gift will make the receiver go “awwwww”.



Arthesdam Jewellery 916 Gold Graceful Love Swans Charm

Fun fact: Swans have only one partner for their entire life. If their partner dies, they could pass away from a broken heart.



That’s all for today! Remember, Arthesdam Jewellery has one of the most extensive varieties of designs to choose from. If you didn’t see any that you like to get as a gift, feel free to browse through our website for more designs!