Types of Amulet Jewellery

There are many different types of talismans or amulet jewellery, they have been worn for centuries, as a means of protection, good luck, good fortune and much more. Let us share with you some of the common seen design of amulet and their meanings. 

Evil Eyes 

The evil eye is a symbol that has been recognised in many cultures, from Jewish to Hindu. It is said to protect its wearer from malicious glares and the harm that other people wish to inflict. When misfortune or bad luck comes your way, the evil eye will reflect it back at the person who caused it. Even though the meaning of the evil eye differs slightly among the different cultures, it’s a universal symbol of protection against the stress and negative energy of others. If you want to protect yourself from others' stress and negative energy, consider wearing an authentic piece of evil eye talisman jewellery!

Four-leaf Clover

A four-leaf clover is a rare find in an alfalfa field—the opportunity rate is one in ten thousand. The term “lucky clover” comes from the fact that each of the four leaves has a different meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck. People often wear this clover jewellery to bring them good luck. 

Each leaf encapsulates the symbol of faith, hope and love. By keeping these things in mind, you can accomplish anything. You should always have faith in yourself and keep a positive attitude toward life, no matter what happens. You also need to love yourself and others unconditionally; this will bring joy into your life and prevent feelings of loneliness. The last meaning of clover is good luck since you have faith, hope and strong love working for you. Still, you have to wait for the right moment, where the four-leaf clover works. 


Dreamcatchers are popular all over the world, and are thought to catch nightmares while allowing only good dreams into a sleeping person's mind. 

In addition to shielding you from bad dreams and nightmares, dreamcatchers are also thought to protect their owners from any kind of evil influence. The Lakota people believe that good dreams or ideas become trapped in the web while bad ones pass right through the hole in the center and disappear forever. 

Eternity Knot

Mystic or Eternity knots symbolises happiness and togetherness. They are often used as a stand-alone symbol of good luck, but they can also be worn or displayed together with other feng shui charms such as coins and wind chimes. Mystic knots are made from an infinity symbol—the figure eight—and are considered to be powerful representations of eternity.


Pixiu is a powerful feng shui symbol of wealth. Known as the "fortune beast" in Chinese culture, locals believe that wearing the symbol of Pixiu brings money and good fortune to its wearer. This mythical creature is also thought to protect people from losing wealth. It is also said to protect you from unwanted energy and evil spirits. 


When it comes to types of talisman jewellery, there’s no shortage of unique symbols to choose from. Drawing influence from wildlife, world currency, and even the cosmos, talismans often have spiritual significance to a variety of cultures.