Symbolism of Rings and Fingers

Rings are one of the most versatile and fun jewellery to play with – from stacking simple rings to wearing one loud statement ring. Apart from looking good, rings also have important symbolism, which would usually depend on the hand and finger the rings are worn on! 


A thumb ring on either hand used to be reserved only for the higher class. It was seen as a status symbol and represented wealth due to the fact it uses more material and thus costs to create a thumb ring. However, these days wearing a ring on the thumb is seen more as a fashion statement. 

 Index finger  

The pointer or index finger represents leadership, authority, and self-esteem. A ring on the index finger on the active hand reflects confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities. 

A ring worn on either index finger used to be reserved for royalty. Visitors would kneel before the King or Queen and kiss the ring on their index finger as a sign of respect. 


Middle finger 

Wearing a ring on either middle finger usually doesn’t hold much meaning. Therefore, it is a great place to style your rings as you please.

Ring Finger 

Associated most closely with romance throughout history, rings on this finger typically signify an attachment to another person. In many countries and cultures, this finger is reserved for wedding rings and engagement rings. It can also be used as the promise ring finger, but this depends on personal preference. 


Pinkie Finger 

Wearing a ring on the right pinkie sometimes symbolises professional status, for example graduating with a degree in a specific field. Wearing rings on the pinkie could also be associated with the Mafia. 

Fun fact: 

It’s easy to take the humble pinkie for granted. It’s generally left out when you eat, write, and hold small objects. However, a study in 2010 done by researchers at the University of Western Ontario found that losing your pinkie would be detrimental. The ring and pinkie finger, although seemingly of not much use, teams up and contributes power. Losing them would reduce your hand strength by more than half!

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