New Year, New You!

It’s one week into the new year, and if you haven’t already done your new year resolutions, this is the best time to do it!

Making resolutions is a common practice in many parts of the world, regardless of culture. New year resolutions help a person to aim towards bettering themselves or to set and accomplish personal goals.

Apart from making resolutions to improve yourselves, the new year is a great time to try something new, something different. This can be in terms of looks, for example, trying a new hair colour you have never dared to dye, or wearing a different style of clothes or jewellery that you don’t usually wear.

In today’s blog, we will be showing six popular styles. Can you spot and identify your style below, and find a new style that you would love to try?

The Classic Minimalist
This is a style that is exactly like what the name suggests. A classic look that never goes out of trend, a style that most people love and can easily pull off.

The Sassy Queen
Think sassy, think cheeky, and bold. This might be the closest style that is the opposite of the classic minimalist, apart from being a maximalist. There is usually one such friend in any clique with this style, and their personality usually coincides and matches this style. Are you the one? And if you’re not, perhaps it might be time to give this a try! Apart from red lipstick, red heels are probably the best way to show off this sassy, bold side of you.

The Sweet Princess
Sweet designs are usually a hit or miss style where people either love or will not ever touch. Also, some people might think that the Princess style is only suitable for the younger crowd and might not “dare” to wear something overly “princess-sy” or “girly”. However, princess style is not just wearing frilly and pink from top to toe! There are many ways to go about showing this princess-loving side of you, be it subtly or not. Some examples include wearing our carriage and crown charms.

The Girl-next-door
This is probably the most casual and dressed-down style, but it does not mean that no effort goes into creating this style. To make the entire look pleasant to the eyes, the clothes and accessories must be carefully planned to make sure that they match, yet not make it seem too over the top. Simple and dainty everyday pieces work best with this style.

The Monochrome Gothic
When you think Gothic and Monochrome, one would commonly associate the styles with the colours white and black. For those who wish to give this style a try, plain white gold jewellery pieces would be great!

The Cool Hypebeast
Hypebeast is a streetwear kind of look (usually baggy and swag) that looks like you’re the coolest kid in the area. (Don’t quote us on this!) Accessories that best fit this look would be chunky jewellery, for example, thick bracelets or necklace chains.

Just a disclaimer, like most art pieces, we think that styles are very subjective so do not go around quoting us on how the styles should look, as this blog is just how we interpret the styles to be! Go on and explore the different styles this year, and feel free to merge or even adapt the style to fit your comfort level!