New Collection: The Perfect Gift of Precious Colour Gemstone

We're excited to announce that we are expanding our jewellery collection with a new range of coloured gemstones. 

Our new collection feature a variety of semi-precious and precious gemstones, including sapphire, jade, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine and more in 18k gold, ranging from light yellow and green to purple and blue. These colours will complement any outfit, but they also allow you to express yourself in ways you never thought possible! 


Precious vs Semi-Precious Gemstones 

When you're out shopping for jewellery, you're likely to see a number of different stones on display. But what does it mean when a stone is referred to as "precious" or "semi-precious"? 


First, let's talk about precious gemstones. These are rarer than semi-precious stones, which means they are more valuable and can be more difficult to find. The most common precious gemstones include diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. Precious gemstones are typically used in jewellery because they are hard enough to withstand wear and tear. 

Semi-precious gems are typically found in nature in larger quantities than precious gems. You'll usually find semi-precious stones in jewellery made with gold or silver settings because these metals lend themselves well to holding the shape of the stones but also protect them from being damaged by everyday use like washing dishes or cooking dinner at home! There are hundreds of semi-precious gemstones to choose from, including amethyst, citrine, lapis lazuli, peridot, turquoise, garnet and more! 

Here are some of our favourite: 


Sapphire is a gemstone that comes in many different colors. Blue is the most common color for sapphires, but you may also find pink, white or yellow gems as well. These stones are often called "fancy" sapphires. The blue sapphire represents peace and serenity. It is seen many times in ancient religious writing to symbolize purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith. 

Sapphires have been associated with royalty throughout history. Queen Elizabeth II wore a sapphire brooch on her wedding day in 1947, which was later made into an engagement ring by Prince Philip and has remained part of the royal family's jewelry collection ever since. 

 Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Jaymee Bracelet (Yellow Sapphire) 


Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Jasmine Bracelet (Blue Sapphire) 



The name "citrine" is derived from the French word "citrin," which means "lemon-yellow." This beautiful and vibrant gemstone is also known as "tiger's eye" and is a variety of quartz. Citrine is a semi-precious stone that can be found in many hues, including yellow, orange, brown, green, and purple. 

Citrine's properties include detoxification and purification of the body, as well as bringing positive energy into your life. It also helps to increase self-esteem and confidence by boosting the metabolism and helping with digestion. Citrine is also said to have healing powers for the throat chakra and thyroid gland. 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Ella Earrings (Yellow Citrine) 




Blue Topaz is a very popular gemstone that is believed to improve financial conditions, calm anxiety, and give crystal clear thought to an individual. 

In addition, if you find yourself having trouble expressing yourself or lack communication skills, consider wearing Blue Topaz. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from mental problems and suffering from anxiety. Blue Topaz is an ideal gemstone for improving your communication and creative thinking abilities as well as being an aid to writers, singers and other creative thinkers. 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Ella Earrings (Blue Topaz) 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Talia Necklace (Blue Topaz) 



Amethyst stones are a form of quartz (silicon dioxide) natural ranges of purple colour involving light pinkish-violet to deep purple, and it's often called a "power stone" because of its associations with the mind and spirit. It's one of the most powerful healing stones out there, and it can help you tap into your intuition, as well as release stress and anxiety. 

Amethyst has many other uses: Some people use it to protect against radiation, others use it to balance hormones, while still others say it helps them sleep better at night. 

It's also considered an excellent protection stone—it can help you stay grounded during stressful times, especially if you're dealing with negative emotions like anger or jealousy.  

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Aurora Dangling Earrings (Topaz & Amethyst) 


Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Talia Necklace (Purple Amethyst) 


Individuals who wear peridot gemstones can benefit significantly from psychological healing. It is a valuable treasure for emotional stability and letting go of all the past. 

Peridot gemstones can treat liver and stomach problems. They are supposed to have the ability to regenerate. Peridot is a stone that is claimed to revitalize and improve vision as well as promote immunity. 

Wearing Peridot can offer success and happiness by enhancing creative abilities and subsequent job satisfaction. 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Ella Earrings (Green Peridot) 




When you look at Aquamarine, you can't help but think of the ocean. 

Aquamarine is a dreamy blue-green gemstone that represents calmness and relaxation. The stone is known for its calming powers, which have been attributed to its ability to soothe and heal the body. 

Aquamarine has also been linked to good health and vitality. It can provide mental rejuvenation and washes away negative energy. Aquamarine is the perfect stone for any ocean enthusiast! 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Stella Necklace (Aquamarine) 


Opal favors feelings of benevolence and friendship, it is considered to be the precious stone of love and compassion, of creativity and understanding in human relationships. 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Stella Necklace (Yellow Opal) 



Jade has long been considered to be a lucky stone, especially by the peoples of Southeast Asia. Green Jade is the most common, and it is believed to bring tranquility to the spirit and calm wisdom to the mind. 

Jade can be a powerful force for emotional healing on many levels. Its vibration is soothing and nurturing, making it especially good for addressing emotional issues such as lack of self-worth or confidence. 

Jade also clears negativity from your aura and immediate environment, which is why many people keep a talisman or statuette made from jade on their desk or in their place of work. If you are suffering emotional distress due to love issues, whether this is love of or for another or self-love, Jade can bring equilibrium and calm. 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Ivy Jade Bracelet 

Arthesdam Jewellery 18K Yellow Gold Aurelia Necklace (Multi-Colour) 



Semi-precious gemstones are a great option for anyone looking to add color and sparkle to their life. If you're looking for a special stone that will be unique to only you and yours—and possibly pass down through generations—you might want to consider getting one of these gems as part of your collection. 


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