Minimalist Jewellery - Less Is More

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Minimalistic jewellery is suitable for everyone and everywhere - from a casual gathering to a formal dinner. Below are some jewellery pieces that fit the minimalist you, giving you maximum style. Don’t forget to stay till the end for some tips on how to style your minimalist jewellery!


916 Gold Sparkly Multi-tone Balls Bracelet

Keep in mind that minimalist jewellery is not the same as boring. Look out for simple pieces that carry a little uniqueness to them. This multi-tone bracelet is made of little balls in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold of various sizes. This got to be one of our favourites in this minimalist list. 

18K White Gold Sparkling Hoop Earrings

Instead of being adorned with sparkling stones, these hoops have faceted surfaces that are skilfully crafted and cut in such a way that it reflects off light and sparkles wonderfully on its own. Best part? You can skip both the maintenance work as well as the heftier price tag that the sparkly stones carry. There is another petite version of these earrings that is of exactly the same design, but smaller. One of our best sellers that always goes out of stock, hurry and cart them out before they’re gone again!

916 Gold Minimalistic Square Earrings

Clean-cut and sleek square-shaped earrings that will lay flat against your earlobes. Minimalism at its best, perfect for everyday wear. 

18K White Gold Sparkle Flower Earrings

Lightly textured studs with floral shape outline. More interesting than the usual plain studs. 

916 Gold Endless Double Blessings Hoop Earrings

The classic hoop earrings with a little more attention to detail - textured front half and smooth finishing on the back half. 

916 Gold Noble Queen Coin Pendant

Carry a little history with our Noble Queen Coin Pendant. This simple yet interestingly designed pendant is versatile and reversible to suit every occasion. It has a Queen Elizabeth portrait on one side, and an eagle on the other.

916 Gold Starry Solitaire Pendant

A single sparkling solitaire framed with real 916 gold and nothing more or less. Perfect to wear on its own but can also be layered or paired with other pendants.

18K White Gold Sparkle Star Pendant

A single star set in 18K white gold, brilliantly faceted to give the most beautiful sparkle. 


Now that we’ve went through some of the minimalist jewellery design, now it’s the time to see how we can style them! Minimalist jewellery usually have simple and clean lines, less colours and subtle designs. This means that even though they’re great to wear on their own, it is also easy to match them up. The most popular way would be stacking the rings and bracelets up, and layering the necklaces. Necklace layering can be done with chains of same or varying lengths. There are endless combinations that can be done that will not look over-the-top due to the simplicity of the individual jewellery pieces. Let your creative juices flow!