Jewellery Styling Ideas and Tips

Neutral colour clothes for statement jewellery 

This is probably the most basic tip that will never go wrong, even for those with the least fashion sense. By having a neutral base, it is easy to match all sort of jewellery, regardless of jewellery style, size and even number of pieces. However, if you are someone who dares to try and experiment with styles, do not restrict yourself with this tip.  


Choose the right necklace length 

Necklace lengths are an important factor to consider, which most people do not pay attention to. The right necklace length can help to capture attention to your best features or better show off your outfit of the day.  

For instance, if you have nice collarbones and want to show them off, opt for shorter necklaces that rest just above the collarbone, drawing the attention to the area. On the other hand, a longer necklace might be a better choice with higher necked and crew necked clothing.

Don’t be afraid to layer them on 

This applies to layering of necklaces, chains, bracelets and even rings. Change up your looks and style without the need to buy many new pieces.

Refer to our previous guide to necklace layering here


Play with jewellery tone and colours 

Jewellery doesn’t have to be boring. Apart from playing with lengths (as explained above), colours are another easy to play with factor that can elevate the look. Jewellery colours typically comes in 3 tones – white gold/silver, rose-gold and yellow gold. Apart from jewellery tones, there are other ways to play with jewellery colours, from coloured gemstones to coloured enamel to coloured beads and more. 



We’ve covered lengths, colours and now it’s time for textures! Textures might not first thing that comes to mind when you think of styling jewellery, but they can be fun to play around with! Smooth finishing, matt finishing, diamond cutting is just some of the common textures you might find. Experiment with them and stack the different textures up for a cool and interesting fresh look!  


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