Husband Appreciation Day Ft. Men Jewellery

If you have been following us closely, you would probably have seen our previous blog post about International Women’s Day. If you haven’t, you may go over and take a look! This time, the focus is jumped over to men instead of women, but in particular - husbands. If you didn’t know, Husband Appreciation Day is on 17th April! 

First up on the list is our all-time favourite statement piece - 916 Gold Hollow Cowboy Men Bracelet. This is a great piece of jewellery for men who like the look of chunkier, statement pieces. Also able to channel subtle “bad-boy” vibes for those who like it. Another similar design to this would be our 916 Gold Cowboy Stamping Men Bracelet.


Next up is our top seller that is popular among both men and women - 916 Gold Hollow Rope Bracelet. For wives who are looking to buy gold jewellery for your husband, this is the perfect one to match your couple wear. Available in different lengths, thickness and weight, you have the choice to select the size that you most prefer. The rope design is also available in necklace chains, so you can even get it as a set to wear!


Anchor designs are a popular choice that many men seem to like. Perhaps the anchor design looks cool, or perhaps the anchor holds great meaning for most men. Regardless, if unsure of a pendant design to decide on, we think that an anchor is one of the safest choices. 


If you or your husband likes jewellery that represents or brings wealth and prosperity, we have many designs to choose from! From dollar signs to abacus designs, the options are almost limitless...


For men with earholes, we have extensive selection of 916 Gold earrings that are perfect for daily wear - from studs to hoops to even dangling kinds!


Last but not least, our beaded bracelet collection is the most versatile of them all. With the designs, colours, textures and sizes to choose from, there is definitely something that you can find for the man in your life (or yourself). Some classic designs that have been popular choices among the men includes our 999 Gold Prosperity Pixiu Obsidian Beaded Bracelet and 999 Gold Prosperity Fortune Bag Bracelet. For more customisation of designs, you may email us at or walk in to any of our outlets!