How to save money on Christmas (or any kind of) shopping

Plan ahead of time

It is always good to have a shopping list of items to buy and a budget to keep within before even starting to shop. This way, you will not stray too much out of your budget on a particular item and then be left with too little to spend on your remaining gifts. 


Buy Online

This is easy enough to do, especially in this current pandemic where it is best to avoid going out altogether. The reason why buying online is often cheaper instead of buying from physical retail shops is because of the cost savings in rent and staff. However, this is a tricky one also because you wouldn’t want to buy from any online shop just because of the lower price. The shop’s trustability on the quality and service etc are also important to take into consideration. Therefore, we recommend going online shopping on trustable vendors that have been in the market for a while or have ways like certificates and reviews to prove the quality of their products. 


Make use of coupons or vouchers

Combine sales with coupons or vouchers, and you'll save even more. Don’t forget to check out for coupons, especially if you’re shopping on e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada because there are sellers who give out coupons on a limited basis! Make sure you claim those coupons before carting out your purchases because these little savings do add up!


Compare across vendors/platforms

Spending some extra time searching the internet for things on your list is a great way to learn about lower prices and discounts. However, this is only possible if the item you are searching for is available in more than one place, or if you don’t have an exact piece or design to stick to. There are even times when it is possible to find a similar or even exact item from a big brand selling at a lower price in a smaller or less well-known brand. 


Buy in "bulk"

This tip may or may not work, depending on how many and what gifts you are planning to buy. It is possible to get a better price if you are buying more items from the same seller, just remember to check with them before paying for your items! 


Not always buying the cheapest item

Sometimes, saving money does not mean always buying the cheapest item. The quality of the product you are buying matters, too. There are times where things that cost a little more money look better and last longer, thus making it a more value-for-money purchase at the end of the day. 


Now that we have gone through some tips on saving money on your shopping, are you ready to start shopping for Christmas? Stay tuned to our Christmas Gift Guide on our next blogpost!