Happy National Proposal Day

Valentine’s Day, which can be a nerve-wracking holiday for some people proposing marriage, is almost always accompanied by engagement announcements in the news. In recent years, February 14 has been dubbed National Proposal Day on social media to give people a chance to do over their proposal if they did not find the perfect moment on Valentine’s Day. With March 20th being National Proposal Day, what better time than now to pop the question to your special someone. 


History of National Proposal Day 

National Proposal Day was founded by John Michael O’Loughlin, who decided to create the holiday after witnessing his cousin’s own heartbreak. After waiting for years for her boyfriend to propose, the man broke up with her. He designed the holiday as a reminder that life passes by quickly and that people should propose before it’s too late! 

On March 20, “National Proposal Day,” romantic couples are encouraged to meet up with their fellow proposal-ready friends via social media and use the hashtag, “proposalday.” While O’Loughlin also clarified that March 20 doesn’t have to end with a proposal—it can simply be used as an occasion to spark a conversation about a possible future proposal. 

What to do on National Proposal Day 

Step up your proposal game 

The Knot 2021 Jewelry and Engagement Study did an interesting survey on couple who got engaged in 2020, here’s the results: 

  1.  86% of proposers said the words "Will you marry me?" and 86% also got on a bent knee. 
  1. About 54% of proposees knew a proposal was coming but didn't know when, while 11% had a feeling it was happening. 
  1. 41% hinted or discussed what kind of ring they wanted, and 26% even shopped for the gem with their partner. For those with a surprise proposal, 26% of proposees weren't involved at all. 
  1. 42% of engagements are planned one to three months in advance, while 18% are planned four to six months in advance. 

Single and ready to mingle

Of course, not everyone will be celebrating this Proposal Day. But if you’re single, take this as your sign to look around and see who might be interested in getting closer. The options are endless, and you will soon be on track for a proposal of your own. 

Start planning for an engagement of your own

If you have a long-term significant other, talk to them about your future together. It’s never easy to initiate a conversation like this, but it’s necessary if you want to date someone for more than a few months. Dive into this awkward conversation and see what happens! 


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