Graduation Jewellery Gift Ideas

Finding the best graduation gifts to celebrate this significant milestone can be tricky, but we've got you covered. We've picked out gorgeous, memorable pieces for your loved ones. In 925 Silver, 18K White Gold and 916 Yellow Gold jewellery, no matter your budget, you're sure to find a jewellery gift that commemorates your loved one's efforts and achievements. 


925 Silver Earrings / 18K White Gold Earrings


Choose from our range of 925 Silver jewellery, including classic earrings and elegant necklaces. The earrings make perfect graduation gifts—subtle enough for any skin tone and suitable for everyday wear. 


We've got a pair of 18k white-gold studs that would make the perfect gift for your friend. These studs have a classic and simple look, which can be worn on the job. We also have a heart-shaped pair that reminds her of your love, and a 4-leaf clover charm design that symbolizes good luck and is sure to bring her good fortune in the future. 


916 Gold Rings 


These rings are among our best-sellers, so don't miss out if your graduate loves a collection of rings. A simple band goes with any outfit, and a cubic zirconia adds sparkle to the centre of the ring. 


916 Gold Pendant 


A small pendant with a meaningful saying makes a terrific graduation gift for any girl. Her graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life, so help celebrate this proud moment with jewellery that sparkles with optimism and hopes for a bright future. 


If you want something more personal, get a unique design that has special meanings to you. Key pendant has come a long way, as it has a symbolic meaning of new beginnings and opportunities for young adults stepping into the workforce, a gift usually given on the 21st birthday or graduation as a good luck charm. 

The anchor bracelet generally stands for hope, steadfastness, salvation, stability or tranquillity and good luck while the anchor necklace meanings are safety and security or trust and confidence. The anchor pendant meaning can be all those listed before. 


Graduation season is fast approaching, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until the big day to present the graduate in your life with a meaningful gift. Whether you've known the graduate for years or are about to embark on a new friendship, graduation gifts can bring people closer together and commemorate a significant moment in anyone's life. Take your time to browse our selection of jewellery and see which piece is the most reflective of your grad's personality.