Freshwater Pearl: Essential Jewellery Pieces

Freshwater pearls are unique because they complement every hair colour and skin tone while being affordable. A pearl necklace is a classic piece of jewellery that will look gorgeous at any event. Pearls have an elegant and effortless beauty about them, so you can dress them up or down – whatever the occasion, you’ll look fantastic and feel confident. 
Throughout history, these luminescent gems have long signified wealth and power. Today, freshwater pearls are more widely available—and affordable—than ever before, making it easy to match your personal style with a charming necklace or bracelet. We've put together an essential list of styles to get you started. 



Everyday Wear 

Pearls may be traditionally associated with evening wear, but they also make a great addition to more modern and casual looks. You can wear pearls on accessories and clothing to add texture and a sleek edge. They regularly feature on the runway and high street, so classic pieces of pearl jewellery can emphasise and enhance a casual look, adding a classy finish to an outfit that would be more laid back or plain. Wearing pearls in a more casual setting means you can break the rules and mix and match textures, colours, or materials. For a casual yet put together look go for pearl jewellery that is mixed with beads or on a gold chain. 


916 Gold Pearl of Wisdom Charm/Pendant 


Sleek and minimalist 

Pearls have become a popular gem due to the minimalist trend. They can be found as part of pearl pendants, pearl necklaces, bracelet and earrings. One piece is more than enough to shift the focus of the entire outfit and make it a piece that will dominate. This type of earrings will look great with colour-block outfits since they will allow the natural pearl’s sheen to come out and mix with the reflection of the clothes colours. 


916 Gold Dainty Pearl Earrings 


Fun and edgy 

Switching up the ways you wear a pearl pendant. Instead of having them on chain, we have paired then up with bluesand quartz and strawberry quartz turning them into beaded bracelets. Try these fun and edgy ways to customise and personalise your favourite stones and charms or pendants! 


916 Gold Dangling Pearls Bluesand Quartz Bracelet 


916 Gold Dangling Stones Strawberry Quartz Bracelet 



The layering of the pearls is an easy look to achieve you will just need several pearl necklaces. You can achieve this look with 2 or three pearl necklaces, coming in the same or different lengths. As for the colour, it is best to keep them all in the same colour. Otherwise, look at how we turned our pearl necklace into a layered bracelet instead! 



Pearls may be worn in a variety of ways. As fashion trends change and shift from one influence to another, the options remain so colourful and varied. If you're choosing pearls as your jewellery pick, you'll deliver a captivating and elevated look. No matter if it's for work or a night out, they're great as everyday jewellery. Pearls never need to be removed; they are classy, stylish and modern—a timeless piece of jewellery that can be perfectly paired with all different kinds of on-trend fashion outfits.