Feng Shui - The Elements and Crystals

What is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term “Feng Shui” is directly translated to "wind-water". There are many aspects to Feng Shui and this blog will briefly touch on the five elements and crystals.

What are the five elements? 

Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are the five elements in Feng Shui. 

A theory of the cycle of generation and destruction is formed among the 5 elements. The theory arose from the observation of generation and destruction relationships that occur in nature. 

The generation cycle of five elements: 

Wood generates Fire (wood can make fire) 

Fire generates Earth (ashes are left from burning, which becomes soil/earth) 

Earth generates Metal (metals are extracted from deep in the ground) 

Metal generates Water (water collects underground, and water condenses on metal) 

Water generates Wood (trees need water to grow) 

The cycle of destruction/ prevail/control: 

Wood prevails Earth (roots of the tree will break through the soil and take root in it) 

Earth prevails Water (soil can block water flow) 

Water prevails Fire (water can extinguish the fire) 

Fire prevails Metal (metal will melt with fire) 

Metal prevails Wood (metal can chop trees) 




Crystals in Feng Shui 

Though cultivating a collection of crystals can help to promote positivity, crystals should not be thought of as solutions that will magically change your life. Always keep in mind that a crystal can’t solve all your problems, but using them can't hurt, especially when they look good. 

This is even more so in the case of wearing crystal jewellery such as beaded jewellery. Some people may choose the crystal beads based on the crystals’ benefits, or based on the power of the Feng Shui elements, or even just based on colours they like. There is no right and wrong in this as long as you are happy with what you chose.  

The function of crystals in Feng Shui use is usually by colours based on the corresponding five elements. By using different colour crystals, we can strengthen or reduce the power of a certain element. 

Below are the generic colour schemes and the crystals that fall into each element. 

Wood – Green – Malachite  

Fire – Red/orange/pink/purple – Rose quartz/Orange Citrine 

Earth – Yellow/brown/earth-tone – Tiger-eye/Yellow Citrine 

Metal – White/clear/metallic - Clear quartz/Moonstone/ Opal 

Water – Black/blue - Obsidian/ Aquamarine 



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