Father's Day surprises according to love languages

In a blink of an eye, we have arrived at the middle of the year 2024. This month, June, has a special day – Father's Day. Similarly to the recent Mother’s Day blog, we have come up with some surprise ideas that you can consider for your father or husband/father to your kids according to his love language. 


Acts of service  

Offer practical help by taking over his typical duties or chores of the day. Offer to drive the family, pump the petrol, buy the groceries or a meal for the family. All these are thoughtful gestures that will be appreciated, whether or not he decides to accept the help!  


Words of affirmation  

A handwritten note or homemade card is always loved, no matter to who or when. Write down some of your most cherished memories of your father/husband or a list of things you want to thank him for. Read it out to your them on Father’s Day and let him keep the note/card so that he can reread them whenever he likes. An additional step to this is to print the heartfelt message on a gift like a decorative wall plague or mug that he can see often or even use. 


Quality time  

Enjoy an uninterrupted, quality conversation with your father/husband. If time and situation permit, plan a fun day out with just the two of you. Having a good meal together while chatting is one of the easiest and best ways to spending quality time together. 


Physical touch  

You are never too old to give your father a hug. It goes without saying for the husband. Giving them a big hug to show your love and appreciation for them is a small action that goes a long way. 


Receiving gifts  

Pay attention to what he mentioned recently. If he said he needs something or something he owns is spoiling, make a note of it and surprise him for Father’s Day. This could be anything from new headphones to a new bag. Otherwise, consider buying something you think he will like or use, for example cufflinks or bracelets.  


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