Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

In a blink of an eye, Father’s Day is around the corner and there is no better time to show your love to your father. Therefore, we’re back again with another gift guide!  

What do fathers like? You might be the lucky few who actually knows your father’s likes and dislikes, but if you fall into the category of people who always cannot figure out what to buy for Father’s Day gift, we are here to help.  

What if you can get him something that is valuable and timeless, yet practical and useful at the same time? Best of both worlds, and the foolproof ways to bring a smile to his face. Here are some suggestions. 

1. Gold 

Gold has always been known as a commodity that shelf live is essentially perpetual. The value of gold can be maintained over a long period, possibly forever, and sometimes even appreciate! Pure gold bars are a great choice if you want to focus a little more on the investment part, while jewellery is great option of you are thinking more about the practicality and use of the gift. Regardless of your choice, buying your father some shiny gold is one foolproof way to light up his eyes.

2. Leather Bag 

Luxury bags are known to be good investments for ladies. This can apply for men too! A good leather bag, even if doesn’t appreciate over time, can last a good lifetime. If you are considering this as a gift, here is one question that can help you kickstart your journey of choosing that bag - Purpose of the bag (For example: to bring to work or casual setting). 


 3. Watch 

Similar to gold and certain luxury bags, a well-chosen luxury watch is likely to hold or even appreciate in its value over time. If you have the financial capability, luxury watches are a great gift that doesn’t just look good, but is useful, practical, and very possibly be a good investment.  



The above list of gift ideas is wonderful if you have some extra budget to spare. However, if you are not able to set aside enough budget for a gift, there are other gifts that doesn’t cost a thing and yet that is just as great, or possibly even better! Remember the other love languages of quality time and acts of service? Those are the gifts of love that will not go wrong as well!