Every Charm Tells a Story

Every Charm Tells a Story

Almost everybody knows what a charm is – basically a small ornament/jewellery that can be attached to a bracelet. However, a charm is not just an ornament. A charm can be an item that represents or reminds one of something significant, be it a person, event, or milestone.

A charm can be an item that reminds one of something significant, be it a person, an event, etc. It can also represent things such as milestones, hobbies, and more. As charms can come in many different shapes, styles, colours, and designs, the possibilities of what they can be are practically endless.


When and how did charms come about?

It is hard, almost impossible to pinpoint when and how charms appeared. However, it is known that charms have been used as amulets or talismans to ward off bad luck since thousands of years ago. Locket charms were commonly carried by men in war to store a lock of their loved one’s hair or other trinkets. This served to keep their loved ones close to them in a way, as well as bring good luck to them.

The popularity of charms was also contributed from Queen Victoria’s fascination with charms. Apart from loving to wear charm bracelets herself, she also loved to gift charm bracelets. When her beloved Prince Albert died, she even made “mourning” chams. This further contributed to how charms were used for different significant events, occasions, or milestones.


Gift for a loved one

Charms are one of the best gifts for a loved one – whether if it is a gift to yourself, or partner, family, or friend. Show yourself or them some love by choosing from one of the many love-inspired heart shaped designs. From elegant dangling charms to colourful spacer heart charms, the variety of heart charms are so wide that you will definitely be able to find something you/they love!


If heart shape designs are not your thing and you prefer charm that is more specific, fret not!

Got a new baby girl or boy addition to the family and want to add it to your bracelet stack? Choose from adorable charms like our floral baby shoe charm and mini toy car charm.

Know someone who is obsessed with donuts? Get them the cutest mini donut charm!

Cannot get over your love for handbags and high heels? Consider getting our bold high-heels and handbag charms to add on to your collection.

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