Embrace Prosperity with our 999 Gold Blessing Charm Beaded Bracelets

Our new line of 999 Gold Blessing Charm Beaded Bracelets encapsulates the spirit of prosperity, luck, and joy. Each bracelet is meticulously crafted to not only adorn your wrist with beauty but also infuse your life with positive energy. 

Explore the Designs: 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold Lucky Red Lion Dance Beaded Bracelet: Harness the power of prosperity with the red lion dance beaded bracelet. Red, a color synonymous with good luck in Chinese culture, combined with the lion dance motif, ensures that this bracelet is not only stylish but also a symbol of positive energy. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold Lucky Cat Beaded Bracelet: Let the iconic lucky cat charm accompany you on your journey to success. With its raised paw, this gold beaded bracelet is a testament to good fortune and financial prosperity. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 福 Fu Blessing Beaded Bracelet: The character "福" (Fu), meaning blessing, takes center stage in this exquisite bracelet. Wear it to attract good fortune and blessings into your life, making it a meaningful and elegant accessory for any occasion. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 平安 Wealth Lock Beaded Bracelet: Secure your well-being with the Wealth Lock bracelet featuring lock-shaped charm. Crafted from 999 gold, it symbolizes not only material wealth but also the safeguarding of your inner peace. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 如意秉 Beaded Bracelet: The 如意秉 (Ruyi Bing) bracelet signifies fulfillment of wishes and desires. Let the gold on this bracelet serve as a reminder to pursue your dreams with passion and determination. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 福 Wealth Lock Beaded Bracelet: Combining the symbols of blessing and wealth, this bracelet harmonizes two powerful elements to invite good fortune and prosperity into your life. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 吉祥秉 Beaded Bracelet: The 吉祥秉 (Jixiang Bing) bracelet embodies the essence of auspiciousness. Let the bracelet carry the promise of good luck and positive vibes wherever you go. 


Arthesdam Jewellery 999 Gold 快乐秉 Beaded Bracelet: Spread joy with the 快乐秉 (Kuaile Bing) bracelet, radiating happiness and positivity. Wear this bracelet as a daily reminder to cherish moments of joy and to approach life with a light heart. 

Arthesdam Jewellery's 999 Gold Blessing Charm Beaded Bracelets are not just accessories; they are symbols of prosperity, luck, and joy. Elevate your style and invite positive energy into your life with these meticulously crafted pieces that blend traditional symbolism with modern elegance. Embrace the richness of gold and the blessings it carries, making each bracelet a meaningful addition to your jewellery collection.


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