Cubic Zirconia VS Diamond

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia is a colorless, synthetic gemstone made of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Cubic Zirconia can appear in nature within the mineral baddeleyite, although it’s extremely rare. In all Cubic Zirconia jewelry, the gemstones are exclusively lab-created.

Often regarded as an inexpensive diamond alternative, Cubic Zirconia is distinct in its aesthetic qualities and physical structure because it’s lab-grown—whereas natural diamonds are beautiful, naturally occurring gemstones.


How is Cubic Zirconia made?

Cubic Zirconia is made by melting zirconium oxide powder with stabilizers like magnesium and calcium at 4,982ºF. After being removed from hours of heat, crystals form and stabilize. The crystals are then cut and polished. Different labs may have their own specific methods for making Cubic Zirconia.

Differences between Cubic Zirconia and Diamonds?

Although Cubic Zirconia does not compare to the hardness of a diamond, it’s rating on the Mohs Scale of Hardness is 8.5 (10 for diamonds) and is still very hard and durable.

Also, as Cubic Zirconia is artificially created in a lab, it is inherently flawless. Diamonds, on the other hand, are very rarely and almost impossible to be flawless.

Compared to diamonds, Cubic Zirconia is significantly cheaper. Therefore, for any buyer with a limited budget but wants a jewellery in a particular setting or style, Cubic Zirconia might be an inexpensive choice. The wait times are also typically much shorter when ordering cubic zirconia instead of diamonds.

Of course, we are not asking everybody to stop buying diamonds because it ultimately depends on the reason and type of jewellery you are purchasing it for, as well as personal preferences and budget.

For example, it might not be the wisest getting Cubic Zirconia for an engagement ring that will be used for a proposal and then worn daily for a long time. However, for a fancy pair of earrings that you might want to change into occasionally, Cubic Zirconia might very possibly be a better option! 


Our Jewellery

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